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Challenging Week

This post is a bit belated.

My last couple  of posts noted my struggle with hypothyroid symptoms: that hasn’t gotten any better as my mail order script still hasn’t arrived.  Tracking info says it’s  supposed to come in today. My husband is keeping a close eye out for me.  I think if we didn’t have 3 cats & a toddler,  he’d probably just leave the front door wide  open.

He’s tired of the mood roller coaster,  especially after last night – I got very upset (angry)  because people started talking  politics & affordable care act,  & it was all I could do to hold my tongue. It’s a whole ‘nother topic for another blog later, but essentially one side was like it’s not enough,  & one side was it’s too much,  & I wanted to scream – it didn’t do anything except ensure insurance companies made more money. My husband has  a pre-existing condition,  & yes  we technically have insurance that the government pays $600 a year on my behalf,  but it covers nothing – it’s catastrophic only. I have to pay out of  pocket for everything we do,  & apply for assistance from the drug company that makes his meds because I can’t afford $1000 a month for them. Anything I can’t pay cash for I either have to beg for them to be written off, or  eventually they go to collections. Affordable Care did nothing because neither side of politics can agree to compromise with the other,  so everything gets butchered!  ARGH!

On top of that, I’ve been fighting a head cold/sinus infection all week, & it’s not bad enough to warrant the costs of a doctors visit.  Regardless,  we did go out & do some more demolition & deconstruction on Sunday after our route. 

Weather was nice,  made it into the 50’s, but very windy. For some reason wind always seems to make my colds worse, so I was miserable by Sunday evening.

I still had things to do & some work Monday,  & then Tuesday morning,  so by the time lunch rolled around on Tuesday all I wanted to do was sleep.  So I did. … until Wednesday when I had to get up & function again.

I still feel exhausted,  but that’s life in America.  Somewhat sick,  exhausted,  too bad – get your arse to work.

On the up side, demolition (despite feeling crappy) went well.  We got everything but a wall & half down.  The trailer is almost one big open space. This is good because, I’m hoping to get the last wall & half down next week,  along with removing ceiling & exterior wall paneling & all the old insulation.

I’m not sure if I mentioned it before,  but this trailer is from the 70’s, before regulations regarding asbestos were put into place. So,  I have to assume that the insulation likely has some asbestos in it.  If I’m going to do all this work to make it a quality home, then it means replacing the insulation too.

Luckily Nathan already had a mining grade respirator from his past photography work,  so I bought one more for myself- those things aren’t cheap, by the way.  Once we get to insulation,  Anya  will be kicked out of the demo process. She’s all classic pre-teen with “awe,  but I wanted to help :(” and I said “That’s great,  but I don’t want you to have lung cancer in 15 years just because you wanted to help”. She  said fine.

So anyway,  we’re still all excited: for now!

Here are the pics & comments on them.


This was the starting view from what used to be the living room – with my new to me Jacuzzi.


On the right,  that’s the only whole wall yet to be removed. 


Me enjoying some sledging.


Anya taking out the kitchen counter!  😉


What’s left of the bathroom.


The view from the empty corner,  at the end of the day – apologies on the composing toilet/porta potty- no walls means getting to see it, but at least we have a viable potty break location.

Did I mention this is a BIG project.  Keep those fingers crossed for us!

And so it begins…


That’s the free trailer. … needless to say,  it won’t look like this when we’re done.

Goal: 3 bedroom,  2.5 bath, loft & attic space.
Estimated move in: April 1st

Demo & plumbing need completed by move in. That’s 6 viable weekends for us.
With 1 weekend to visit (grand)parents (already  scheduled last fall), & 1 weekend to completely move out of our apartment   (mostly into storage).

This has  been the first day of any real work. Previous weekends were bitterly cold & resulted in mostly surveying the project & packing up odds & ends left by previous people.

There are still 3 large objects to go,  but those will wait on  a storage unit & the one burly guy strong enough to lift them.

Today’s work: walls come tumbling down!


Nathan (husband) & daughter surveying my wall removal progress.


My daughter really enjoyed sledging away on the old cabinets. I knew from experience that mobile home cabinets were traditionally stapled together,  that surprised her & Nathan.



I quite enjoyed destroying things today.  It was very cathartic.


We didn’t destroy everything though.  We salvaged most of the trim,  & some of the paneling. In the rebuild it will all get sanded, patched, & painted & look good as  new.


At the end of the day we had all but 3 interior walls down.  Those 3 had enough screws that I’ll need to bring my drills next weekend.
We even got about half of the kitchen cabinetry demo’ed.


All in all,  I’d say it was a very successful day.

Yet,  many more to go.

Demo always goes faster than rebuild.  & in this rebuild I’ll be upgrading construction quality.  I want a  lasting home,  made under the best guidelines. Energy efficient,  warm,  comfortable,  & comforting. I’ll be adding layers to the bones of this house. 

Exciting,  yet terrifying.  All of this & using just the money we’d usually use for rent & fun stuff.  It really will  be a little at a time.  I hope my family still looks this excited & happy when we’re months into the project!