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Last /27: Wanted

This was the last post form my other site. Originally written November 6th. I was definitely tapped into the greater feminine collective when I wrote this. The energy is still there, but I myself am in a bit better state of mind than that moment held. The collective of women needs to find their inner support and inner-eff-off to find their healing, especially regardless of the collective stupidity of man and masculine. They are all guilty in some respect, but we are all children of god needing to find our healing, so we have to see our own missteps and mistakes and forgive them of theirs. I am a child of god, I am loved, and I am here to bring healing through my unique gifts. I can not hold myself or anyone else in wrongness and find my healing. Ignorance is not a sin, but hurting (self or others) once you know it is wrong, very much is.

They want
Never ending fun

Or so they

What about
Right in front of

Always doing
Never just
With those

To teach
What they are

Slowly begin
Her desire
To run
Flee from them
Their presence
Too vacant
For one needing

To be

She's not
An object
A game
A jungle gym

She's so much
Than objects
Money made
Home provided
Or things to do

She's a
Not just any
The one that

To them

Where did she go wrong?

No where

She did
For them
From conception
To here and now

But she's not
What they want
It's clear

And it's okay
Everything has to be okay
It's where she is
But she doesn't have to

She doesn't have to
Stay where she
Isn't wanted

~ Treasa Cailleach

May you find your own wholeness and healing. May we all be wanted. May we all have a comfortable place to stay where we are wanted and loved and it is always clearly evident. Above all may you know that the divine loves and supports you in all that you do.

Om Shanti

22 of 27: Smell

He smells
So good
Like musky forests
On sunny days

Cologne on
Fresh skin
Delightful to
Olfactory nerves

Too close for comfort
Senses blurr
Cheeks flush
Loins afire
Distraction is
Quite the understatement

Desire to touch
'Tis forbidden
Lumps in throats
Hard to clear

Better to hide
Nay run in fear
It's only desired
Because it's forbidden
Least they say

It's not forbidden
By my paradigm
Only by theirs
Only by ones' choice
Leveled on me

Yet maybe there's an
He's not the only one
Alive, attractive, or
Smelling so damn good.

I'm ready for my
I'm ready to explore
Other options

I'm ready for
Surprise and delights
Especially to
My olfactory nerves

~ Treasa Cailleach

19 of 27: Your Magic

Believe in yourself
Thoughts take shape
Feelings becoming
Tangible evidence
Dreams emerge
Like figures clearing
Heavy fog
Threatening to envelope
Misty ├ęthers
Of minds' wanderings
Only focused belief
Can overcome
Producing desires' gifts
Solidifying visions
Fantasied tangents
Becoming tactile substance
Enjoyable material
Made real by
Meditative notions
Simply because of
Focused repetition
Your Magic
Landen in
Your mind
Believe in yourself
I do

~ Treasa Cailleach

10 of 27: Go Be With God

I hadn’t intended to write just poetry on here. More just do something different than before. Change things up, and try to be authentic without using every detail of my life. Somehow it seems my default choice for that goal has been poetry and I never even considered myself a poet.

Today I am doing my best to let go of an energy that is running amuck in my life. My last poem spoke to it. I have some psychic abilities, but it seems to me that I’m not good at interpretation of the things I get. So, I know how the energy feels, and at times it has felt good and helpful, but the same source often carries heavy negativity and chaos. At this point the negatives far outweigh the positives I have gleaned from it, and I simply wish for it to leave me alone. The problem is that some of the people in my life are either connected to it or highly influenced by it, and thus I have seen manifestations of it, both good and bad, through people I know and/or love.

Anyways, in a strong desire to disconnect from it and walk away, I am reaching for God.

That’s where it gets tricky, because this wavelength I’m talking about, blends quite significantly with the feeling of the divine, especially when the former is feeling good. I only want the good, that’s what brings better manifestations. So I only want the divine.

At this point my struggles have weighed heavy enough in my life that I also have a strong desire to give up fully and completely. But there is a part of me, very tiny, that says what if that means I die.

So I sit in acknowledgement that I could indeed die. Giving up completely could mean that I cease to exist in human form on 3D planet earth. I’m not sure that would be a bad thing. I know my husband and kids would miss me, but they would eventually move on with their own lives. But if I continue to cling to the what is because it might cause discomfort for them or I might miss out on things, then I could be holding myself apart from that already. I might be causing missing out and discomfort because I am afraid of that.

So I am doing my best to really examine what truly letting go means. If I really really let go of all of the what ifs, all of the scary tidbits, all of the might be doom, then what? I could die, but what else could happen?

It’s a hypothetical question for myself. I’m doing my best to look for the best answers and skip the worst.

May you see your best answers to letting go. May you see that you don’t have to be in control. May you see that giving into God fully and completely can do wonderous things in your life. May you know you are loved and supported by the divine. May you find a way to release the negatives completely.

Om Shanti

8 of 27: XOXO

I see your concern:
Furrowed brow,
Stern distant eyes.
Where are those thoughts?
Far away lands?
On the shining sea?
Climbing Cadillac Mountain?
Probably much closer,
Stress ever present.
Your silence is heavy,
I want
To touch,
To soothe,
To hug.
Tis forbidden.
Every heart deserves
Kind compassion.
I'm willing.
Won't you please,
Let me.
~Treasa Cailleach