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Today’s progress

I worked on the Herky dog picture every chance I got. This is the progress so far.

I did want to add that I’m using graphite, ebony pencil, charcoal pencil, white chalk pencil, and will potentially add color with either prismacolor pencils or chalk pastel+blending stump. I’m waiting on whether the recipient prefers black and white or color.

This drawing is being done on cotton-linter paper I made in college, can’t buy it anywhere.

The original image I’m working from is:

Thank you gift complete.

One of my clients gave me a wonderful Christmas gift, and she’s a good woman going through a lot of challenges. I didn’t expect anything from her, let alone everything she gave.

So, I asked her to text me a picture of her pooch. She had talked about him before, especially mentioning he was getting old enough he can’t handle walks anymore. I thought it would be a great thank you to draw a picture of him. So this is just me posting start to finish of the drawing.

The image she sent:

My drawing progression:

Final Image:

I just have to trim it down to the frame I have, and then the gift is complete. It was done on 9×12 paper, and my frame is 8×10, that’s why it’s off-set.

Specs: charcoal, graphite, and white pastel pencil on 9×12 Strathmore Bristol paper.

May you have good creative moments to end a crazy year and start a new one. May you find peace in your experience.