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Echoes of Sunburst Shores

Art piece. Finished 6/2/2022. Started Feb 2022.

9×12 Strathmore Charcoal Paper with laid finish. Prismacolor artist pencils and oil pastels.

Images as follows: my original photographs used for references, googled images used as references, and finally progression of drawing.

Like the commissions I worked on this in just my spare time. I’m going to sit with it for a couple days, then, if satisfied, scan for reproduction and frame.

May you enjoy creative moments. May you find peace in your days. May life be colorfully wonderful always. May your creativity inspire active endeavors. Above all may you know that the divine loves and supports you in all that you do.

Om Shanti

** I decided after an afternoon staring at it, that I needed to revisit the background sky. I decided I didn’t like the gradient I did and thought it should echo the sky inside the shell to reinforce the title. So I’m almost done with the revision. I will update when complete.

I did have to add just a little oil pastel to finish the sky correction.

Readjusted background skyline, really done:

Hung in my office post scan:

Temple mockup

I started this forever ago. I think I’m satisfied with the current state as done. I’m wavering on adding more color, but I think the message of LGBTQ support might get lost.

The shape you see has the following elements. The main gathering space is where the meditation message is. All the little bubbles with symbols of multiple faiths represent the side chapels for each faith, having small scale set-ups of what their respective faith would use for services. The 2 side domes would be administrative spaces for volunteers, corrdination of community services, and food bank.

It’s the heart and soul of Atira. The reason for everything else.

May you have dreams. May you see your dreams begin to take shape. May you know that all is well. May you know you are on the right track. May you know that the divine loves and supports you in all that you do.

Om Shanti

* I could have done this on the computer in half the time, and with better alignment and spacing, and more even text. Yet I chose to do it by hand because it let me focus on the message longer.

Mule Valentine

Cover photo citation: It is one of many images I used for inspiration. Frederick P. Shuckard, Figure in Moorland Landscape – 1901 watercolour painting

I’ve been doing my best to cram in finishing the mule. Partly because it’s well over due, and partly because I wanted one less thing on my plate in the “have to do” category for my birthday celebration(s). I love art, but I need less responsibility for a while, and this was one I could finish in ease.

I was aiming to improve on the original photo by referencing well known artworks from American and British history, especially since the mule was striking a common pose in horse portraits of the past. I moved the barn, which in the original image was so obscured you couldn’t make out details. I added the windmill in reference to paintings of Grant Wood era, and then did the vignetting found in old illustrations.

My work is Prismacolor artist pencils and graphite on 11×14 hotpress watercolor paper. I finished it early on Valentine’s day, and all I have left is to scan and frame it for delivery.

So original image, followed by progress pics, and then finished image last.

May you have good art days. May you finish what you started. May you enjoy your accomplishments. May you be at ease in your flow. May you find ways to reduce responsibility and increase enjoyment. May you make progress always and have fun things to look forward to. May you always understand your knowledge of history to make improvements moving forward, even if it’s just for yourself. May you know that the divine loves and supports you just as you are.

Om Shanti

Bison Finished.

Bison commission…. start to finish. I will scan and frame it tomorrow.

Prismacolor artist pencil, oil pastels, and chalk on 11×14 bristol paper.

May you have wonderful creative moments that help your brain and bring beauty into the world. May you know that the divine loves and supports you in all that you do.

Om Shanti