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New love grows, yet old love remains…

I’m not a poet, but sometimes standard prose doesn’t fit my feelings. This is one such occasion….

Every night in my dreams
I see you, I feel you,
That is how I know you, go on

-Celine Dion

Poseidon’s trident pierced my heart, and somehow I-

humanly, perfectly, imperfectly-

emerged as Aphrodite’s visage.

Life moves on, and new phases emerge.

I know not why,

not how,

only that it is as it should be,

everything will indeed be alright.

Family grows,

and new love flows,

Wonderful, radiant, feminine.

Time flies,

and I merely try

to simply keep up.

Not only for new love found,

but the new life growing within.

Family’s needs are great,

and I’m just one.

One to do my best,

Strive and persevere,

help and support,

with all my love,

For all of those that I love.

Even those

that this

time and space

hold out of reach.

Time moves on.

Memories, dreams,

hopes, goals, and desires,

never forgotten.

The brain remembers all-

Where matters

of heart

be concerned,

Fills time




The inner fires

still burn bright

Even when daylight dwindles

And time escapes.

Solace found

In inner voice

In knowing

In that special connection.

If I never find solution

In this

Time and space

I will hold tight

My connection from afar.

I cherish it-




Invisible embrace.

I wish that for everyone.

I do feel,

Do see,

Every night,

Desires and longing

Mine and not mine.

And support them.

All is as it should be.

Answers will come.

If we allow.

Regardless, there is love,

Always love.

‘Tis human to err

And our humanity is our greatest asset

Love your flaws,

They are uniquely you.

I am learning


Just that.

Even my faults

Make me who I am

Ultimately creating a better self.

So I love me,

and you,

and all of my family.

Chosen and given.

Even those who choose


Or difference

Or separation.

Love is the only thing I have to give.

And give I will.

As much as possible,

And every moment

that my brain remembers

That my brain fills.

All day,


Until death do I part.

Love with all my heart.

Revelation can be subtle.

I’ve still been getting messages,  this whole time.  I just didn’t and  mostly still don’t understand them.  It’s like trying to read a foreign language that you don’t know.  You know it  means something,  but can’t translate it yourself for full understanding. 

Today’s one message,  I think I have an inkling, but I’m not certain. 

It goes like this. 


While the song “You are the one thing in my way.” plays on Pandora. 

Now I know the eclipse is on August 21st (21-8). 

My brain says that Q looks like the light around the void produced by the moon in an eclipse. 

So, my brain says the divine is referencing the eclipse in a big way. But “My” implies ownership. An eclipse would be of God, but is there also implication of it being mine/for me.  Law of Attraction states everything is in your experience because you attracted it. It also reaffirms the statement I personally love from “Stranger in a Strange Land” : “Thou art God”.

Is this ‘message’ simply affirming  that,  or more?

The last eclipse I experienced was March 7th, 1989. I was 7 years old & our entire school got to go outside during the eclipse & participate in viewing.  We used light filters over paper to see the ‘projected’ image.  And most of us (myself included)  got to look though welding goggles/glasses/masks to see it directly.  It was a very memorable day for me. I was definitely in awe, and felt the intensity of the natural beauty.

I’ve been attempting to remember much else  about that year,  & it’s difficult.  I think that’s the first year I really experienced being made fun of. I believe that’s the year I discovered that I was a really good sprinter,  but not good at anything else physical,  and someone explained that it just means my legs have a lot of strength,  but not much endurance. It’s still  “true”. Otherwise, I can’t remember much from that year. The following year, we discovered my dandelion flower allergy in a very unfortunate pioneer soup making exercise. 

So, I’m honestly not sure. Are those negative experiences somehow tied to my eclipse experience as a child?  Not in the esoteric sense that the Celts put in eclipses necessarily. 

 Perhaps more of the brain mapping sort of way,  where your brain categorizes linear time by lumping those memories together. It helps you keep personal history straight.  However,  it can also give current situations ample opportunity to pull negatives from the past for your ego to beat yourself up over. It is the very reason why so many people (again myself included)  tie negatives to love. 

If that’s the case,  that’s likely what my attention is being drawn to, and then this is an opportunity for me. I can create new happy experiences to connect with eclipses. I can update my love story, especially with myself. I can take Monday August 21st off and make a wonderful day of fun with an intense eclipse experience at it’s center (1:09 pm for us here). 

I can create new brain mapping to override old patterns, and hopefully create exponential Law of Attraction growth and healing. 

Now that sounds like a great idea. And it starts now.  Thoughts I think right now,  practice right now, and plans I make for that day. 

Finally, I did note. Shiva is represented by the crescent moon, but also has ties to being referenced as the energy of the sun (like Ra of Egypt). I find it interesting that an eclipse literally brings those concepts together.  I choose to think on that. What might God be saying by lining up his energies?  What might God be conveying by covering his intensity of light with the darkness of the moon?  Is there a message for me in “you are the one thing in my way” tied to the moon being in the sun’s way? Am I in God’s way?  Do I need yet more stillness, more passive receptivity, or to literally get out of the way? When something is in your way,  what do we have a tendency to do (work harder) , vs what should we do (step aside and let a way be made)?

That’s my thoughts for the day.