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14 of 27: Cool Yule

Not one log
A whole pile
Burst into flames
To celebrate
The longest night
Presents piled
Taunt kids
Darts fly
From toy guns
But no snow
Decorations glisten
Sparkle and twinkle
Kitties snuggle
Watching flames flicker
Mom and dad
Enjoy watching
Children's antics
From safe distances
Santa doesn't fly
For several days yet
Kids know gifts
Are families'
Treats of affection
So Santa
Will bring the
Magical presents
Of hearts desires
Just a few more days
To chill
~ Treasa Cailleach

11 of 27: Keep Jumping

Tiny legs
Bounce bounce
Look ma 'm jumpin'
Sweetest smile
Ear to ear
Curly locks
Bounce bounce
Two tiny feet
All around
So fast
A blurr
To see
Round and round
Don't slow down
Battery pulled
Power down
Calm wiggles
Snuggles soothe
Binky squeaks
Time for
A good

~ Treasa Cailleach

4 of 27: Dancing Cuddles

My two toddlers decided to breakdance this evening. Their teenage sister put on the ‘polish dancing cow song’.

It is a pop-ish song in polish with male singers. I have no idea it’s actual title, the band name, or meaning, only that my two littles saw the video of the dancing cow and thought it was hilarious.

They will moo upon hearing the first few beats of music and within seconds begin to dance. It’s a combination of butt wiggles and moves on the floor that really do resemble breakdancing. I found it remarkably amusing, up until the 3rd repeat of the song and my kids ramping up from fatigue. At that point I played parent and put an end to music and spaz, sending them to begin their bedtime rituals.

I’m not sure my 2.5 yr old even made it to story time. Her big sister did diaper and clothes change and wrapped her into bed as she weakly protested.

I had already made cozy with kitties in front of the fire, and watched protests from a distance. My husband then took over for their storytime, meditation, and go to sleep music. Peace returned.

I spent the next hour sitting on the sofa with two of my four cats nestled either side of my lap. What had started as a roaring fire gradually died down and retreated to coals.

At that point I peeled myself away from kitties and began my bedtime rituals myself. My buddy cat decided that was a great time to move to the recliner and sprawl.

May you have cute and cuddly evenings with your kids &/or pets. May you have an enjoyable holiday season. May you find your home comforting and warm. May you know you are loved.


C’est tout

This weekend brought a little more fall festivities and finishing some projects started way too long ago.

First for fun on Saturday after work, we went to Merriam Halloween Fest (very small and good for less crowds). It allowed us to debut our family costume including Zen turned Scooby. Then later in the evening, we explored Deanna Rose Children’s Farm “Night of the Living Dead-Farm”. It was super busy and though more Halloween themed than KC Fun Farm, it was essentially a smaller version of the same. The haunted hayride was kitchy and fun, though I couldn’t aim the camera well enough to catch all of us in one shot.

On Sunday, I repotted as much of the garden as I could bring in. The rest of the garden will get covered on cold nights to buy another week or two before harvesting. Afterwards my treat was a trip to IKEA with Nathan, our goal was to replace things Ian had destroyed as preparation for our family Yule celebration. We’ve warned him we will not be getting him presents, only a new dresser, but if he’s extra good for the rest of the year maybe Santa and the elves will swap his coal for a toy. We will play Santa, but he’s definitely been on the naughty list, so he has earned his consequences of much, much less fun stuff this year.

After the fun, I spent all of Monday making good on promises to finish Anya’s bedroom suite. I replaced her window from the 60’s glass slats to a modern casement window, bedroom compliant, though it’s definitely a tight squeeze with the smaller size (knock on wood: she never has to test that escape route). I added an 8″ windowsill so she can have a few small plants, and replaced the well cover with a clear one to allow as much light as possible to fill her room. Then I finished the latch and trim on her bedroom door and started the bathroom door trimming process. Finally the laundry room door had never been finished either so I added the door framing that holds the kick plate. I will have to finish trimming out doors another day, but her room is completely done now and all the doors close and latch. I feel accomplished…. *Almost two years after moving in!* **Geesh**

Now I’m taking a salt bath, and when Nathan returns we’ll have dinner and carve pumpkins. I’m very grateful this weekend went mostly smoothly. I’ll post pics I have so far, and add the pumpkin carving and whatever is missing from Nathan’s photos, as an update later.

2 short clips of Deanna Rose happenings

May you have good holiday fun any time of year. May you enjoy time with your family and still find ways to be productive in every way. May you have enough time to complete projects and even more time for fun and enjoyment. Above all may you know that the divine loves and supports you in all that you do.

Om Shanti

Update with the rest of the pictures: window install, plants with grow lights, living room decorated, and pumpkin carving (Anya took a few others during pumpkin carving, which when I get them I might add as well.)