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Long day rant to refocusing.

My 70 year old mom is right, this country is all a bunch of pussies. I may be pissed off right now because of too much stupidity and lack of logic invading my space today. I finally lost it after one of my residents agreed that the crisis crashed our economy and is hurting people in many ways, but denied that it was a self imposed poor decision. I went and hid in an unused common room, so as to not get myself in trouble. So, now that work is over I’m going to rant to get it out of my system. I’ll finish with a stretch on focusing on what I want to see in the new reality.

First this country is chalk full of over privileged pussies (like mom said), with no perspective on reality for humanity as a whole, which have caused a crisis for everyone. The fear of those few, afraid that a stupid virus might end their already miserable existence, has caused a cataclysmic chain reaction that even when undone will never truly return to what we considered normal.

First, our government has put corporations before citizens AGAIN in a hugely horrible economic disaster that can’t be undone anytime soon. Corporations bailed out to the tune of billions while American citizens fail to have enough to make ends meet. My neighborhood alone went from a few incidents a week, to 67 car break-ins in about 3 days. I can’t blame them, they’re trying to find anything they can hock to pay their bills. The Great Depression was essentially a complex oopse of improper regulation of banking and stock exchange, did we learn from that lesson. No we stepped it up and made even worse decisions, on purpose, causing nearly as bad of a crash, solely based on a virus that they’re finally admitting has an even lower death rate than the flu.

Watch “Ticked Off Vic: A Mssage to the Government | VicDiBitetto.net” on YouTube

Second despite all those gun toting republican hippocrites afraid their liberties will be taken away, our government has done just that. Deciding what is necessary or not, deaming that grocery store trips can’t include toy purchases even if your kids are going nuts being cooped up at home, ticketing people for being out of their homes. You were afraid about some guns, but THIS, this is okay!? The same republicans that deny women the right to birth control and abortion, suddenly having a conscious about “it’s my body, I have the right to decide”. It’s nice you finally discovered how important that is, but damn, did you have to wait for all of our liberties to be stripped before coming to that conclusion? Really?! One step from martial law and you finally decide this isn’t okay.

That’s nothing to mention all of the things that are likely happening behind the scenes because our government knows we’re distracted. They have a really good track record of sliding all kinds of things past us when an opportunity of distraction happens. What are all of you going to say in a year, or two, or ten when those things come out to the light of day?

And when did disease become political in the first place? It’s not politics, it’s science, and at that I’m discovering how many people are sorely uneducated on it, purely illiterate. I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard facts cited as being the reason this virus is supposedly so bad, and my retort is that said fact applies to all viruses. Beyond that I keep reminding them their constantly dwindling data, didn’t account for anyone that caught it before testing was available, and still doesn’t account for any 3rd world countries or poverty ridden areas, doesn’t account for anyone not sick enough to be admitted to a hospital. Do you think anyone is wasting tests on homeless? Do you think any of the millions of uninsured poverty level families are being tested? No. Their numbers get more and more outlandish, and they’re not even accounting for even a third of the people that probably actually had it.

Sustainable disease control and prevention, that’s what I’ve argued all along. This is not that. This is not even a real quarantine. Real quarantines are only the sick people, and any family member that chooses to be with a sick person is held in the same conditions until all who are quarantined are clear of disease. Period. Sustainable disease control: wash hands first and foremost- repeat that frequently, don’t touch your own eyes/face to avoid catching something from having touched contaminated objects, sanitize surfaces and objects as frequently as realistic/manpower enables (depending on flow of people that might be hourly), hand sanitizer in a pinch (keep in mind sanitizer created super bugs like MRSA), did I mention wash your damn hands!!!!???

There is no proof the 6 feet works. It’s based on droplet travel distance from a cough only. See my previous posts with citation. Sneezes can travel up to 10 meters or 30 feet. Beyond that, once someone has breathed, coughed, or sneezed, those virus are still in the area, active and can still be spread via contact. 6 feet is pointless. Plexiglass panels are pointless, plexiglass cubicles might actually be beneficial if ventilated through filters, but you still have to come and go from them. Did you think about that?

But hey, all those 55+ that are retired on fixed incomes in fixed bill situations, you can hide in your little apartments or homes and you think everything is just fine and dandy. Or all those congressmen and representatives on lifetime fixed salaries. You’re not affected by job layoffs, families going from two incomes to one, or in my case a family going from 1 decent salary to half, or as my neighbors going from two incomes to none. You have no fucking clue what that is like. Then to find out your bank got a giant bailout, and you just get a furlough on your mortgage payments so it won’t impact your credit as long as you can make all your payments right after you return to work. Asshats. But yeah, none of the aforementioned would bother to wrap their brains around that. I had one resident try to go all “Nancy Pelosi trying to sneak her pets in”. When I asked for an example she cited the National Endowment for the Arts fund. I said, oh you mean the fund that pays for public television, the fund that pays for all of our libraries which have all shut down and laid off employees, the fund that allows artists to start businesses and pay for employees, that fund, yeah I can totally see how that wouldn’t be a good addition. NOT! Get a fucking clue.

So privileged, that you forget all of the other countries and why they aren’t in the news. Do you think little 12 year old Raj in India working 8 hour shifts as a child gets told to stay home. No! Do you think little Malik in Africa walking 30 miles to carry gerry-cans of water gets told to stay home. No! Those children, those families, are more concerned about finding food, more concerned about living through malaria and dysentery from bad water, more concerned about living through tumors from all of it, more concerned about how they will continue to have a relatively safe spot to sleep. There are billions of people on this planet that don’t even have basic needs met, let alone the ability to call a doctor and get any treatment or medication needed in a moments notice. But our over privileged society forgets that all too readily, forgets even here in the USA all of the millions that are under-insured, uninsured, cash-pay, that is if they even have enough cash to pay, and thus go without proper care, let alone a stupid test to see if they’ve got it. And still this disease has less than even the 3% death rate of the flu. Soooo scary, not!

You, as an American, still have a better chance of dieing from heart disease, cancer, or a car accident, than all viral diseases put together. Get a fucking clue, but that would mean that the vaccine industry would fail at getting us to keep buying into their trillions of dollars of profits on vaccines. If we’re not scared enough to fall for an untested emergency vaccine, then what might they do in 10 years when vaccine use declines from the hundreds of shots currently pushed, many of which are grossly ineffective, to a mere few of the genuinely worst. I mean when the vaccines they produce have the same 1 to 3% death rate as this disease, you literally have a coin toss as to which risk you’re willing to take. I personally would rather take my chances with the virus any day, because then I can skip the injection which includes formaldehyde, antifreeze, parabens, aluminum, thimerisol (mercury compound), and any number of hundreds of other chemicals commonly found in vaccines. One virus up against my immune system always loses eventually.

And that’s the other thing, learn your own conditions and stop using language you don’t fully understand. I swear if I hear one more person use “I’m immune compromised” improperly I may go postal. Here’s the deal, there are many auto-immune diseases that fall under immuno-deficiency that don’t actually mean you catch every disease that comes along. I have Hashimotos’, it is one such disease. My body attacks my thyroid because my immune system reacts to molecules, chemicals that it learned were bad. It means my general overall health stuffers because I gain weight over everything, every allergen causes me to have a host of thyroid related problems. Yet my overactive immune system kills viruses as efficiently as it tries to kill chemical compounds. So, as far as communicable diseases: I’m splendidly healthy. There’s a pancreatic version, liver disease that’s similar, RA, and nearly a dozen other diseases that fall in the same category. Odly enough (sarcasm) they are all first world diseases. They are all caused by our shitty foods, and toxic chemicals from pesticides, herbicides and preservatives, and yes possibly even the chemicals used in vaccines. We have done it to ourselves. So stop using your autoimmune disorder as a reason for your displaced fears. Get over yourself, learn your own shit for real, and learn what you need to do to heal. I have. Put up or shut up.

And then to top my day off, I stopped at QT for potty break and some unsweetened black raspberry tea. To find out all of the fountain drinks were unavailable, and my choice doesn’t come in a bottle. Okay, so I’m totally okay with eliminating the disposable cups, because even though they are recyclable, many people do trash them- it is good for the environment and I didn’t need a damn virus to go along on that ride, as I usually refill my own container anyway. But the drinks themselves, are you fucking crazy?! If you’re following the sanitization procedures for all food prep, and I know they do, then the drinks are safe. The only thing that can get contaminated is the damn customer handle. In this litigious society, all you need is a damn sign reminding people to be cautious and wash their damn hands after using the spigot. Simple, easy, give me my damn tea. Fucking ludicrous. If I was worried about the spigot, I wouldn’t be in the damn store to begin with. The decisions businesses are making are based on trying to meet the fear of those few clueless illiterate fraidy-cats, and aren’t even based in any real facts or evidence. If you, as a corporation, are going to try and cover your ass, do it right, be informed of actual risks, and act accordingly. If you don’t know, hire someone to tell you who definitely does; not maybe, not kinda, someone who really knows with certainty, beyond a shadow of a doubt. Corporations should be only following CDC guidelines by law, and otherwise seeking well informed legal and medical counsel. Doing anything because it was on the news or someone suggested, or a customer complained, is bad for business and quite risky. If your complaint was from an uninformed illiterate fraidy-cat then you’re setting yourself up for lost income and unnecessary costs. It’s better to preemptively prepare and train as to why it is okay to leave certain things in place, and lable use at your own risk. But hey, I just wanted my damn tea, and knew the risk, which I was willing to take, being certain at this point I’ve already had the damn virus.

So yeah, I am way beyond over this shit. I literally am hitting my livid wall and ready to start making heads roll. I need real sense to start happening, and the kind of logic that moves humanity as a whole forward. First world problems need to stay problems for the few, and leave the rest of the damn world out of it.

So that takes me to what I want to see.

  • My tea back at QT
  • Normal means of sanitization
  • Society being educated on normal disease processes and prevention
  • People owning themselves and being responsible for themselves
  • Only carrying out solutions that improve the whole picture. When the solution is worse than the disease we deserve a choice.
  • Solutions that work for everyone
  • The government putting individual citizens before corporations
  • Government agencies and politicians working together to real compromise solutions that help society and the world at large
  • Making strides to save our home planet so that multiple generations even have a chance at trying to further humanity
  • People having gratitude and perspective and acknowledgement of their privileged positions in society and life. Helping those less fortunate would be wonderful, but at least don’t cause greater problems for those less fortunate
  • Acknowledgement that the worst is indeed over and the disease was overestimated, and beginning to rebuild and repair damage done.
  • Society returning to work
  • People finding common ground
  • People working together
  • People ending name calling and the blame game
  • Less divisive, more unified
  • Caring, kindness, and compassion returning
  • Hugs and handshakes returning
  • People washing hands always, not just because a ‘new’ disease comes through
  • People owning their own health for real
  • Literacy on disease prevention, disease cycles, and sanitization that kills disease without creating super-bugs
  • Less wastefulness
  • Everyone having access to basic needs
  • Everyone having access to healthcare
  • Everyone having proper assistance
  • Everyone having clean water and proper waste management
  • Everyone having safe basic homes
  • Everyone having access to multivitamins and other genuinely helpful immune boosters (the ones that don’t inject chemicals into your bloodstream or have 1-3% fatalities)
  • Society reclaiming basic human rights
  • Society supporting individual rights
  • Less pollution
  • More safety
  • More genuine security
  • More rehabilitation programs
  • More assistance programs for needy and impoverished
  • Government by the people for the people, not by the corporate citizen for the corporate citizen.
  • Feeling supported and cared for
  • Feeling like my voice matters and makes a difference
  • Feeling like things are moving in positive directions again
  • Feeling like humanity has good things to look forward to
  • Feeling like the divine is helping us
  • Feeling like the divine is guiding us and intervening as needed
  • Feeling like the problems are being replaced by real usable solutions
  • Feeling like my life matters
  • Feeling like the world is someplace I want to be again
  • Feeling like humanity has a real chance
  • Feeling like not all is doomed
  • Feeling like change is happening and for the better
  • Feeling of positive progress
  • Feeling that we’re headed for better days
  • Feeling relief

May your rants always help you feel better and help you reach for better feeling thoughts. May we all get through this okay, especially those of us that did our best to keep the sanity. May those less fortunate be supported by those whom are the fortunate. May humanity progress and the whole world see improvement. May our world find lasting cleanliness for both our health and the health of the planet. May we all see the greater ripple effect and our role at creating improvement. May we all come together to compromise for solutions that work for everyone. May God’s light shine the way to better days.

Siva Hir Su

Cleveland: Family Comes First

We’ve returned from our trip to Cleveland. Everything went as well as could be expected, but it wasn’t the vacation and relaxation I had hoped for, being it was so desperately needed. C’est la vie!

Despite having a rudimentary knowledge of french, I feel that exclamation really does fit, life goes as it pleases and you just have to go for the ride sometimes. There is planning, but rarely do plans go as expected for me.

The drive to Clevo was sunny and warm, weather was fairly great for Northern Ohio in early March. We get there and Nathan’s parents were very happy to see us, but I was aware that they were stressed over something. We celebrated Mom’s 80th birthday by taking them out to a Mongolian grill restuarant, and the next day she treated the kids to the Science Museum. During all of the festivities, she was filling us in on Nathan’s aunt Lee- his Dad’s sister. Apparently, they were worried about her, because there had been a phone call from the phone company about her not having paid her bill in a while, and there was concern from both  Nathan’s mom and the other Aunt about things that Lee had been saying on the phone. Essentially they were worried about her state of being.

The day that we went to the science museum, they attempted to ring Lee several times to check on her, and every time they got busy signals, something that never happened previously. Late that evening, Nathan persuaded them to call and request a well-fare check with her local police.  The officers sent a social worker, and the lady called us back within 20 minutes saying that Lee was awake but confused, and couldn’t remember what year it was. The worker suggested taking her to the hospital to make sure she was physically ok. We knew that if they did that she would have no way home because she didn’t drive, so we insisted that the hospital speak with us before releasing her for that reason.

Once at the hospital it was decided that there wasn’t anything physically wrong, no diabetes or other issues that could cause confusion, so they suggested it was dementia. We again informed them that she didn’t drive, and no one was close enough to give her a ride home, so they needed to assist her with that if they were releasing her. They kept her until morning and had the hospital social worker give her a ride home. After a convoluted mess of legal requirements, we managed to get the apartment manager to check on her and the manager discovered all four gas stove burners on/open but not lit. The manager was extremely concerned because that could have blown up the building, but she needed us to get written permission from Lee to speak further. When all was said and done, Nathan and his parents jumped in the mom’s car, drove 6 hours to West Virginia, picked up Aunt Lee, grabbed as many clothes as they could fit in the car, tried to get her important papers, and brought her the 6 hours back to Cleveland. Once that happened, it was very evident that her confusion was not new. After supplying the consent letter, the apartment manager filled us in that it really started showing about a year ago, and that since then there had been many lapses in memory including paying rent 3 times one month, and forgetting to 2 other months, and that her neighbor had been feeding her because she was forgetting to go shopping.

During that whole mess, I was left in Cleveland with the kids, and Ian was not happy that his daddy left and wasn’t going to be back before bedtime. I had a melt down from the crazy mad child I had on my hands. Needless to say, I was very relieved when Nathan and family returned.

The following day was spent taking care of Lee. Nathan (because of the 12 hours of driving) took a nap while I worked on packing the van back up for our return trip home. It was very evident to me that Lee was no longer what is called “High Functioning Dementia”, she was very much the opposite and needing care. Nathan’s dad, her brother was shocked, unfortunately I wasn’t- I’ve seen this before, and it’s much easier for me to understand how something like this can seemingly sneak up unnoticed. I sat Nathan and his mom down, and tried to see if there was a game plan. I kept repeating “Family Comes First” if you have nothing, you have family, even if you don’t agree, and even if you don’t always get along, you will always have family.

In the end, the game plan was that they would figure out how long there was to deal with Aunt Lee’s apartment and straighten her finances out, and then if needed Nathan would be sent on greyhound back to West Virginia to physically deal with things, and possibly even rent a U-haul to take her belongings to Cleveland. At this point, they have figured out that we have until the end of April to do that. The details have yet to be figured out.

This whole situation makes me think though. I work with nursing homes, I see how they function, and even the best of the best and most expensive still lack individual care. Things get missed, people have to wait for simple things like using the restroom, showers are given twice a week, and don’t get me started on medication policies. If a resident refuses medicine, it is crushed and put into food or drink, and a resident can not make their own decisions to eliminate medication. I have literally had residents that were on just enough diuretics to keep their lungs from filling up with fluid and drowning them; they weren’t comfortable- they were miserable, but the medicine kept them alive. I’ve had Lewy-Body patients that couldn’t talk, couldn’t move, were stuck in a wheelchair or bed all day, couldn’t feed themselves, and couldn’t even sit on a toilet anymore, but they were on enough medicine to keep them alive longer, but not enough to kill the pain. I would sit with them giving massages to try and help the pain, but I could always see it in their eyes and on their faces. -Which, by the way, my services are out of pocket expenses, they are paid on top of the thousands of dollars per month of nursing care.- I’ve had 3  residents live in that exact state for over 2 years, with me visiting weekly to attempt to provide any relief. Can you imagine spending 2 years unable to do anything except suffer! IT disgusts me, because I thought the creed of western medicine was first do no harm- how is suffering for 2 years no harm.

If it were my choice I would not put anyone in mine or Nathan’s family in a nursing home.You can drop 50 grand a year and still have your loved ones miserable. I much prefer home health, and suggest it at every turn, so that is what I did with Aunt Lee. I said she should stay with Nathan’s parents as long as possible, and I sincerely hope that it’s long enough for me to build enough space for all 3 of them to live in. That way I can help them live as healthy a life as possible, and if they should get to a point where they can’t do anything and are suffering, eliminate all drugs that would just prolong that suffering, and encourage doctors to dose enough pain medicine to at least remove that portion of the suffering. There is no medicine that gives motor skills back, no medicine or surgery that can help someone be able to eat or use the bathroom once it has been lost; so that type of suffering is sometimes inevitable, but at least we should eliminate the pain. If you can’t change anything else, at least prevent prolonging the inevitable, and kill the pain- that is possible and available if doctors are made to care. Too often the nursing environment causes medical staff to quit caring. They see too much complaining, too much dysfunction, and they become numb to it thinking that everyone is just being grumpy and exaggerating, and too often will not supply more pain meds unless the family demands an increase. I get that our society currently has an outbreak of pain medicine abuse and addiction, but I will be the first to tell you that if you are in REAL pain, your body will gobble those meds up trying to quench the thirst of chronic pain. Yes, sometimes it is an insatiable thirst that won’t diminish regardless of how much medicine is given. I had one nurse tell me that if they gave a particular resident any more pain meds it would be too much for their liver and eventually kill them, but the alternative is allowing a living being to suffer PAIN daily under your care. I wouldn’t want to be the one responsible for keeping someone alive in a state of suffering, but of course that is one of the many reasons why I didn’t go into nursing to begin with.

It doesn’t matter if that pain is from Fibromialygia, Lewy-Body, Congestive Heart Failure causing your legs to be 2 or 3 times their normal size, collapsing vertebrae from severe osteoporosis, or any number of other real medical causes, No-One should have to live with chronic pain for years on end when we have the tools to handle it.That’s my somewhat educated and compassionate opinion, and I’m sticking to it.