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2 nights ago we had a slight freeze. I had already started planting, so we covered all the gardens, even where they were mostly dirt. I didn’t want to take any chances. Luckily we were on top of that enough that only one plant was affected- 1 of 2 basil plants was frost bit enough it may not survive.

Otherwise everything survived and when we uncovered I was pleasantly surprised by more sprouts showing.

The pesky squirrels have eaten some of my bulbs, so I bought a just few more to start inside so I can fill in gaps as needed.

So far this is how things are coming along:

Existing plants coming back:

I’m so excited for all these beautiful plants I get to enjoy from previous owners and my therapist, but that’s not all!

The plants I started from seed and bulbs are sprouting! The darned squirrels got a few, but there’s still a lot coming up. Flowers and vegetables are all sprouting. I’m super excited. It may not look like much, just a lot of dirt, but if you look close you can see all the different sprouts. The baby plants, there’s lettuces, cabbage, onions, strawberry, and herbs (minus one frost-bit basil). I’m so excited to see things take off. I will have lots of pretty flowers and plants and almost as many edibles.

May you have exciting enjoyable sights. May your gardens and life sprout with all the good things. May beautiful things bless your experience. May you get to reap some benefits of those that came before you. May you have beautiful things that you didn’t have to work so hard for. May you get to enjoy nature and your life. May your days be blessed and fill of all kinds of beauty.

Siva Hir Su

Scooters, garden greens, and horses oh my!

So today was fruitful,  nut not in the way I  planned – as usual!

The plan was to make way for laying subfloor. We had multiple odds & ends to do to accomplish that task. Not one of which actually got done.

However,  the morning started by hearing  back from an inquiry on  a used scooter. I had sent an email saying I could do a hundred less than they asked,  & they responded by saying yes,  we’ll meet you to look at it & decide from there.

So we scrambled to figure out how we would get said bike home if it was good. We asked to borrow the trailer – it was in use.  So we calculated & guessed that it should fit in the van  if there wasn’t anything else. Proceeded to empty the van & drive to meet the sellers at a big hardware store. 

It was good too, because I ended up running in to buy 2 tools to take the rear-view mirrors & tail storage cube off so that it would actually fit in the van.
After watching the man start & ride  the bike around the lot,  I was sold- it wasn’t brand new,  but only had 418 miles on it.  They even helped us detach parts & fit it in our van.  Then he even sold me his helmet for $20 because it fit.



Oh & apparently the helmet fit Nathan too, though it was a very tight fit for him with his dreds.


I am now the proud owner of a bright yellow scooter. Of course now I need to get it insured,   inspected, tagged,  and  then I have  to get a motorcycle permit,  & then a motorcycle license.  Hopefully within a week,  so I can start driving it for work & saving gas money. It should pay for itself in  about 2 months.

Next: my garden  brought  me to tears when I saw it. Keep in mind we’re  out at the trailer once  a week right now.  I haven’t tended my garden at all. Yet,  it was lush and gorgeous. I was amazed because it’s been so long since I’ve had a garden,  that I half expected it to fail.  Especially since I’ve killed pants while living in our apartment.



I’ve even got flowers sprouting,  both in pots & on the ground:



Finally,  despite the chipmunk that’s been trying to eat them,  I even have squash plants sprouting:


I harvested 2 gallon bags of greens (kale, beet greens, & 2 kinds of lettuce), & there’s still plenty. This is the harvest & post harvest garden shot:



I’m just so amazed.  I’m going to be eating food from my own garden for the first time in years!

Anyway after my awestruck garden moments, we unloaded the scooter & covered it,  & then we did a quick oil change on the van. Good job I’d say!

The final moment of  happy was after  the oil change: walking into the mostly demolished trailer to put tools away, and seeing  Jennifer’s horse through the window,  no more than 75 feet  away.  Again I was in tears.  Despite all my stress,  all my worries, the massive work load in front of me, & the mess I was standing in- I saw beauty – for  the first time in years.

It was a good day.