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Alone in my Gardens

YouTube notified me of this song after I had spent all day digging in dirt alone:

It fit very well. And I did need that time. It was overcast and cool, but I really needed the nature and peacefulness. I know I’m an empath, and sometimes my junk is literally having collected everyone else’s stuff. Sometimes it’s my own. Sometimes it’s a blend of both. Regardless, digging in the dirt or being in nature is soothing to my soul, as much as art or music are.

So I spent literally all day doing Gardens. My body hurts as much as ever, but my mind is calmer. I sat to eat dinner having gotten all but a few seeds in the ground. The simple act of consuming a meal brought my motion to a halt. I no longer desired anything but sleep. Except that I recognized how sore I was and deemed a bath as necessary before sleep could be accomplished.

I dumped 4 pounds of Epsom salts into the tub and now I soak. 30 min, maybe a bit longer in as hot as I can tolerate. It will soothe my sore muscles enough to function this week.

It was worth it though. My gardens will be beautiful when they grow. I got 9,000 steps just moving back and forth through our yard. Hoisting bricks and cinder blocks. Moving sticks and rocks. Not to mention all the dirt that I carefully filled every bed and planter with. The seeds was the easy part at the end of the day.

I planted fern bulbs gifted to me by my retired massage therapist. They had sprouted quite a few runners, so I stretched them out to cover a long section along the back of our house. It’s off the side of the porch in a narrow trench of dirt between the sidewalk and the house. They’ll be perfect there.

On the other side of that same sidewalk I constructed my favorite-easy-cheap cinder-block planter. It’s the second time I’ve done this large scale, and both times I used found cinder blocks. The universe loves me, because not only were there enough cinder blocks to do that, but there were enough bricks to pave the dirt between the planters. No more muddy mess.

We also put lots of grass seed down to try and fix the rest of the muddy areas in the yard.

So far I have several different mystery flower bulbs left by the previous owner. I have Rose bushes planted by the previous owner. There is lots of the dark ivy ground cover (not English Ivy). There are a few shrubs I can’t identify yet, and some kind of perennial plant that is sprinkled about- I think some of them are volunteers, but I’m okay with that.

Then I’ve planted gladiolus bulbs, fresia bulbs, Iris bulbs, anemone bulbs, tigridia bulbs, renunculous bulbs, zennia seeds, bachelor button seeds, marigold seeds, Daisy seeds, cosmos seeds, lettuce seeds, spinach seeds, kale seeds, broccoli seeds, cauliflower seeds, cucumber seeds, chard seeds, okra seeds, several varieties of bean and pea seeds, chive seeds, white onion seeds, red onion starts, and cabbage starts.

I have one big circular planter left, which has some of those mystery plants in it, but around the mystery plants I’m going to put our zucchini and squash seeds. There’s also the oval planter which has volunteer violets in it right now, but will get herb seeds ASAP. We will have quite the gardens when they sprout and grow. I very much look forward to that.

With all of that I’ll leave you with pictures of my handy work. May you all have calming, grounding time to soothe your soul. May you have beautiful gardens or the ability to enjoy other’s gardens. May you feel safe and supported by the universe. May you stay healthy and have joyous days. May peace be with you.

Siva Hir Su

Do I have to?

That was the view from the Thuya bluff in Northeast Harbor on Mount Desert Island.

This is the view out the passenger window as I ride the last couple of hours home.

I find myself in a strange dichotomy. Wishing I were back in Maine, but acknowledging that returning to existing work in KC is easier for now. I know I would very much dislike Maine Winters and regardless of destination, a big move like that would require starting over rebuilding the trust I have earned with companies in KC. Though not impossible, it’s not something I wish to tackle as a sole provider (familialy speaking) again. So for now, easing back into flat boringness is the path of least resistance.

The last day of my vacation I toured Thuya Gardens in Northeast Harbor with my mom, sister in law, and niece. It was very beautiful. I was able to capture the beauty in dozens of pictures, but I’ve narrowed it to some of my favorites here.

After the gardens I was treated to a carriage ride through Acadia with the girls. It was also a very beautiful experience that gave me an even deeper appreciation of the beauty on the island. It was also very informative as to how Acadia came into being and some of the history of the area and the island. Again I took many pictures, but here’s a smaller sampling. To me it is simply breathtaking beauty.

Here are some of the last few moments in the beautiful Great Pond military campground. I enjoyed the peaceful solitude so much I sincerely hope I can go back at some point before my brother retires. I could spend hours just sitting on that screened porch, and I never did get to do my kyaking excursion.

Finally, I’ll close with our stop in Boston. I had been there as a kid, but Anya wanted to go back. We toured the USS Constitution and then went and found China Town so that Anya could get the experience of a well rounded China Town district… Of course along with the experience of a more authentic meal experience.

Grandma and I were a bit overwhelmed with the China Town bit, but overall it was a wonderful trip and vacation as a whole.

I can’t help but compare my experience of KC the last decade, to my experience traveling through 11 states in two timezones, with all our stops and experiences. Layer that with a new knowledge that as long as you aren’t taking about waterfront properties, there’s only a slight increase in cost of living from KC. Now I wish even more there was a way to find the land and build my Atira in my dreams.

Perhaps the journey to that realization isn’t as long as I think. I know I experienced things on this trip that gave me hope, other things that solidified the possibility of Atira for me, and others yet that fine tunned some of my asking. I also had a few experiences on the spiritual side of things that leave me a mixed bag of emotions. Regardless, I keep reminding myself that in the grander scheme of things the journey is the destination. My journey continues on as I return to Kansas City for another leg to play out here.

May you all have wonderful journeys of expansion and many things to look forward to. May you all find your breathtaking beauty in this world.

Be well and cling to your hope. Siva Hir Su.

17 days huh… that went fast!

So WordPress has informed me that it’s been 17days since I’ve posted.  That’s a problem for a couple of reasons. 

1) I promised that I was going to write once a week: to myself and Nathan for sure,  but I believe I even made that commitment in one of my first posts.

2) I thought it was just a week. That time seemed to just fly by, I’ve been so busy!

     Working for money,  working for free,  sleeping,  eating,  hygiene, trying to stay cool,  trying to maintain sanity,  and taking care of kids- I believe I even listed those in order of accomplished priority.  Nathan has definitely been the lead parent in child care lately – give him kudos- especially since I’ve lost my sanity a few times in the last 2 weeks. 


It’s been hot.  Over 90° most days, which isn’t too bad if you’re in A.C.  (working for money), but sucks horribly if  you’re  not in A.C.  (working for free/taking care of kids). The mobile home doesn’t have A.C. and that’s our project to fix it enough to enable A.C.- is broached 105° inside the mobile home several days, and was cooler  outside in the shade . Our good friend and neighbor Jennifer does though,  so she’s literally been preventing heat stroke. Major gratitude is present here. 

Despite all of that,  I built a chicken coop (Nathan and Jennifer did the screen,  roof,  & part of the siding), small porch  (Nathan helped hold pieces as I assembled them), tore down an old door, fixed rotten framing,  and rehung new-to-me storm and solid door (again Nathan helped hold things and pass tools).

We are now the proud owners of 38 chickens and able to go and come without bungee cords or cinder blocks.


In all of that my droid phone of 2 years gave out & finally had to be replaced.  I now have a new excellent phone & I’m able to take pics and blog again.  So here goes the pictures side of this update. 

Door & steps before fix (door held shut with either bungees or cinder block & steps so wobbly we have fallen more than once): 

Doors after fix- works perfectly: 

Steps- much, much better:

Free-built-Coop & chickens:

The fridge-raised-bed I referenced last post is doing great as well:

& flowers are blbloomin’:

I would say it has been a very productive & very busy couple of weeks. I still need to do another harvest on the garden, & the door/ steps project was only about 1/200th of the remodel, but I’m feeling good with what I did get done this round.!

Scooters, garden greens, and horses oh my!

So today was fruitful,  nut not in the way I  planned – as usual!

The plan was to make way for laying subfloor. We had multiple odds & ends to do to accomplish that task. Not one of which actually got done.

However,  the morning started by hearing  back from an inquiry on  a used scooter. I had sent an email saying I could do a hundred less than they asked,  & they responded by saying yes,  we’ll meet you to look at it & decide from there.

So we scrambled to figure out how we would get said bike home if it was good. We asked to borrow the trailer – it was in use.  So we calculated & guessed that it should fit in the van  if there wasn’t anything else. Proceeded to empty the van & drive to meet the sellers at a big hardware store. 

It was good too, because I ended up running in to buy 2 tools to take the rear-view mirrors & tail storage cube off so that it would actually fit in the van.
After watching the man start & ride  the bike around the lot,  I was sold- it wasn’t brand new,  but only had 418 miles on it.  They even helped us detach parts & fit it in our van.  Then he even sold me his helmet for $20 because it fit.



Oh & apparently the helmet fit Nathan too, though it was a very tight fit for him with his dreds.


I am now the proud owner of a bright yellow scooter. Of course now I need to get it insured,   inspected, tagged,  and  then I have  to get a motorcycle permit,  & then a motorcycle license.  Hopefully within a week,  so I can start driving it for work & saving gas money. It should pay for itself in  about 2 months.

Next: my garden  brought  me to tears when I saw it. Keep in mind we’re  out at the trailer once  a week right now.  I haven’t tended my garden at all. Yet,  it was lush and gorgeous. I was amazed because it’s been so long since I’ve had a garden,  that I half expected it to fail.  Especially since I’ve killed pants while living in our apartment.



I’ve even got flowers sprouting,  both in pots & on the ground:



Finally,  despite the chipmunk that’s been trying to eat them,  I even have squash plants sprouting:


I harvested 2 gallon bags of greens (kale, beet greens, & 2 kinds of lettuce), & there’s still plenty. This is the harvest & post harvest garden shot:



I’m just so amazed.  I’m going to be eating food from my own garden for the first time in years!

Anyway after my awestruck garden moments, we unloaded the scooter & covered it,  & then we did a quick oil change on the van. Good job I’d say!

The final moment of  happy was after  the oil change: walking into the mostly demolished trailer to put tools away, and seeing  Jennifer’s horse through the window,  no more than 75 feet  away.  Again I was in tears.  Despite all my stress,  all my worries, the massive work load in front of me, & the mess I was standing in- I saw beauty – for  the first time in years.

It was a good day.