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Floating a little.

Slowed down
Catch up


A real break
One can
Great mother
Wishes as well

Yet life
Always something

Or stopping
For real

Already crying
6 weeks lost
Maybe more
To be

The problem:
People CAN stop
And instruction

Choose not to
Always focused
A bottom line
Needing met

Bills won't
Mortgages or rent
Always there
Needing to

Medicine can't
To many sick
Needing care
Too many dieing
Too slowly
A system
Feeding itself
To stay

People hurt
When forced to do
What others
Choose not to
Based on their
Educated or known
Needs and desires

Why force people
In any way
If all have valid reasons
For other actions

People can stop
If bills do
People can heal
If given choice
Real Nutrition
And freedom
To meet their
Unique needs

My unique needs
Are too complex
For one incapable shot
For one incomplete answer
For one undesired solution
For 6 weeks
To fulfill

Or cars
Would have been
Lawsuits filed

6 weeks
Not even
From what
Women's bodies
Were intended
To manage

If other can't
Meet complexity
Then why should
I be
To choose
Narrowly minded


My body
To even
To reach for

The last round
Grief, chastity
And muscles



Longer likely
Isn't stopped
Isn't supported
In the
Grand scheme
It's obvious

Narrowly focused
Narrowly minded
Missing value

Missing opportunities
Complex answers
In all

Must suffice
For now
For as long
As needed

I deserve
That much
And so much more

I am making
Me time

For the
It will
~Treasa Cailleach

May we all have enough me time and adequate breaks to heal. May breaks always be based on fulfilling your own unique needs. May life be kind and slowly flow to enable healing and still maintain forward motion. May we all make peace with our place and our morality. May we all do our part to restore balance and freedoms, right wrongs, and cooperate for complex solutions.

Om Shanti

Side note. This stems from actual actions I’m taking for myself and my healing. Partly because my massage was this morning my, but also as a response after hearing that Australian aborigines are being tackled and forcefully injected with what is supposedly just a vaccine. Those are among the most intune and still intelligent people on the planet, if they said no and were forced anyway, then you have to wonder why. I can feel this is not good, and I’m doing my best to feel for better and distract myself. The last thing I need is more reason for negatives. I really need to focus on shreds of happiness to have any hope of surviving this winter.

Give love.

Today I worked and received my much needed massage. It was good.

The person I have been trading with, a man named Robb, is a massage therapist I met when we first got to KC. Schedule changes on my side caused us to part ways for years, and I traded with another wonderful therapist for several years. After my first couple of years at the clinic attempting to find a replacement for the second now retired therapist, I decided to reach out and see if we could make schedules match again. I’m glad I did, because he was able to work on connections I was unable to get myself and provided more relief for my arm. It’s at about 98% now, and I have a couple of new ideas to try and get the rest.

He has about 3 more years of practice than I do, so I pick his brain often. We have very different styles, but what we do works and the trades work just fine. He does a ton with energy work and has the connections between tension patterns down so well he often reminds me of things I’m missing with clients. He also does a fair amount of isolated stretching and range of motion together to help release burried or hiding patterns. Something that is a weak spot of mine, I know them both individually, but never managed to get them down well enough to function as a pair in my practice. I have been using some of his techniques a little more lately, so maybe that will change. We have also talked about those elements we share, and I discovered he learned them directly from the source, whereas I learned them second hand. That likely explains differences in how we utilize techniques.

It’s also nice that he knows bicycling, because after my week of biking to work my legs needed love. He was more than capable and I feel so much better all over. My massage was good and very needed, I realized that I trust him as fully and completely as the now retired therapist. I think I love both him and the retired therapist, because they have both invested many hours into helping me take care of my body. I am very grateful for skilled and genuinely caring hands. So now I’m doing my best to keep my relaxation long term.

Later, as Nathan was cooking dinner, Katherine started singing while “playing” piano. After a minute or two it was clear she was singing our mutual favorite MC Yogi sing called “Give Love”. I loved it so much I caught a clip to share. I’ll post that and the original MC version.

Despite time shortage to play on my piano, it seems my daughter has made friends with it just like me.

May you have good massages, plenty of care for your self, and feel good mostly. May you have plenty of relaxation time and find ways to prolong the relief as long as possible. May you have happy moments with your children on very frequent occasions. May you see your children’s talents manifest easily. May you enjoy your days and have millions of reasons to give love away to everyone around you. Above all may you know that the divine loves and supports you in all that you do.

Om Shanti

I Am

Ever changing
Love flows
To all
When I am
With love
My cup only flows
When I nourish
My Self
More than necessary
I am worthy
Of such
Of love
I Am
I Am

~ Treasa Cailleach

My meditation with kids at bedtime was needed and relief. I had another taste of what it feels like when my cup overflows and wanted to share. I so love that feeling and wish I could bottle it to give away, yet I know everyone can get there with practice. I so enjoy that feeling, that I wish I had figured out how to maintain it constantly, yet I know the darkness makes me desire it more, and my desire ensures I keep reaching for it.

May you find your infinite cup and know it overflows with love. May you nourish yourself in all the helpful ways. May you feel the results of connecting with your Self and know every palpable moment of goodness brings another with it. May you have great meditations always. Above all may you know that the divine loves and supports you in all that you do.

Om Shanti


I love them because they have learned and grown. I love them because they have tried. I love them because they cared about me, they cared about what I had to bring to the table. They didn’t just want my skills, or my looks, or my strength, they wanted me- all of it, every ounce of it.

And I love them because they also helped me. They taught me things. I watched them and learned too. I know how to be more patient with patients whom I would rather not. I learned to be more gentle when someone might ask or behave otherwise. I learned to be kinder and more forgiving. I learned new skills and how to fine tune others. I learned what it was like to spend my days with family. I learned that sometimes I can ask for help when I need it and not worry so much that there might actually be someone that can help. I learned I am not alone. I learned how to be a better listener and give feedback that is needed over other commentary.

I learned to be better from them, and I could not have asked for more. I’m so very grateful. Thank you.

Om Shanti

Give each other credit.

None of us give each other enough credit.

From the office manager of 30 years, to the new chiropractor, and the massage therapist in between.

From the yogi to the cardinal, bishop, rabbi, or lay-priest.

From the owner/president, to the ceo, to the basic laborer.

From the citizens to the politicians or vice versa.

We all have skills, we all have talents, we all have good qualities, there is something special and unique about everyone.

Yet we rarely take the time to acknowledge that special moment that we all mean to someone. Often because we are too busy worrying about ourselves. Sometimes it is jealousy, feeling lack of being on the receiving end. Sometimes it is doubt in ourselves and our own capabilities. Sometimes we feel unworthy ourselves and have trouble knowing how to say or show appreciation. There are many reasons we find ourselves unable, and often they are self induced, and never mean any hurt to anyone around us.

Perception can be everything and nothing, all at once. It can uplift or drag down, all depending on one’s individual view.

But it’s fixable.

First you must convince yourself that you matter and you are special. Get your own spirits up by seeing just your best parts, and then you can see all the things to be grateful for.

Then the ah-ha moment of appreciating another stirs a desire to give back. Just follow through on that moment.

This tangent was brought to you by being the recipient of a gift today. It helped brighten my day and took a smaller stresser off of my rather large pile right now. I am very grateful for the kindness.

It made me think of the many things weighing heavy on my mind, and how just about every decision I have in front of me seems like it will hurt someone, and that is the last thing I want. I like and/or love all of those people, all for different reasons.

I really appreciate that a woman with 30 years experience has taught me enough of her job to trust me in doing it for her.

I really appreciate that I work with an experienced chiropractor, whom does his best to help everyone he knows, even if it means sacrificing his time.

I really appreciate that the younger chiropractor has lots of experience with musculature, and fitness. He has a broader perspective than many specialists do, and genuinely does his best to educate his clients.

I really appreciate that there are two spectacular acupuncturist’s, and one of whom understands a lot of my Energetic concerns, both in relation to my body and my broader awareness.

My clients too, they all are special, all unique. Some of them I can’t fix, some I only buy them temporary relief, but I always honestly give my best, doing my best to help ease their life a bit.

At my other job, I am appreciative that I can still help even with limited hours to give. I appreciate that people genuinely still care about me even though it’s been almost 2 years since I was full time there. There are so many people that impacted me and they all still come to check on me on occasion. I appreciate the learning experience I had there, and human connections I made there. They are all good people. I am grateful that the mentor figure was able to get promoted, she deserved it and worked hard to get there, I’m glad she reached her goal. I’m also glad that my impact helped the company as a whole. It’s hard to admit that some of my less than spectacular moments helped them to avoid bigger problems, but I hope that some of my best moments helped too. I really did try to give my best.

I don’t know what my near future holds, but if I could do it without hurting anyone ever, that would be my choice. I would rather be able to gift them all something special, because they are all special in my heart.

May you know where you are headed and find it peaceful. May you enjoy your time here on this earth and know it mattered to people. May you see and appreciate the best in everyone. May we all let others know they have a special place in this world. May we all find a way to make more peace and feel more love in this world. May you know that God loves and supports you in all that you do.

Om Shanti

*The picture was taken by my 6 year old, he loves group selfies. This evening I saw he was adapting my qualities to 6 year old boy format, some for the better, some for cringe factor. I want to be a better person myself, to teach my son and daughter to reach for better, no matter what. I want my efforts to matter enough that they understand why it’s important. I want to make improvement a real tangible reachable possibility that brings good things into their lives.