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Seems like wobble.

Great mother is done
She's wobbling too much
Any more and she'll fall
Imbalance too great
Humans: the cause
Too many
Tugging in
All directions
No rest for
The weary

Every couple thousand years
Great messengers are sent
Time is granted
If too many fail
A great calamity
Wraps everything up quickly

I'm loosing
Best efforts
All things done
As correctly
As possible

My wobble
Our collective
Too much stress
With Fun and

To control
Some things
Never intended
To be controlled
In the first place

Of responsibility
May have been
Or misunderstood
Too costly when
Time is against

My preference
To sit quietly
And wait
Feeling the ground

In winter
Seems dead
Seems barren
Seems bleak

Under the soil
Seeds sleep
Insects burrow
Rabbits tunnel
Bears hibernate
Even fungi
All just
Go Deeper

All waiting for
The great thaw
The signal
It's okay
The time to

Our lives
If meant to be
Will be
If meant to diverge

I simply must
And wait
In stillness
In meditation
In prayer

My Prayer:
A new me
A better me
A miracle me
Or simply
A divine me

My focus:
Those seeds
Yet somehow
What seeds
Have I planted?
Did I tend them
Well enough?
Did divine really
Fix my mistakes?
Did divine love
Spare my failures?

May the divine
Forgive all
Our lapses
And help us
And renew
Failures in
Perception and

~ Treasa Cailleach

I have sincerely felt like I was dieing the last couple of weeks. I’m angry at God and saddened. If it is me, I’ve done everything I possibly could. If it is my wonderful mom, and I’m just feeling it, then I simply know we both deserve better and she deserves relief. When I’m not screaming at God in anger, I’m spending all of my moments stretching and aligning and breathing. Reaching for peace as much as possible.

May all of our prayers be heard and relief granted in whatever way restores balance to the Great Mother; the most relief for the most of all that is. May we see that all is not lost, and life lies in wait, hibernating for better. May we see how we have done our best, and how it might help restore balance. Above all may we know that we are loved and supported in all that we do.

Om Shanti

24 of 27: I Let Good In

I let good in
So I know
I let God in

I sang songs
I love and of love
I danced
Jumped and swayed
God was there
It was good
It was fun

I tasted yummy Eats
And even some
Extra yummy treats
Savored fresh fruit
Crunched crisp salad
God's food is good

I thanked
People in my life
I donated
Of myself and my fruits
I let God in

I encouraged others
In as many ways as possible
I hugged and snuggled
Shook hands and rubbed backs
Gave tips and tricks
God guided my
Hands, arms, heart and words
It was all good

I played
Recreation of
Body, mind, and spirit
With kids
Pets and
Creative moments
It was all good
God was there

I planted
Flowers and greens
For eyes
And bellies
It was goodness
In, out, and all around

I fed the birds
Even the squirrels
Watched them partake
In God's abundance

I let good in
So I know
I let God in

My pen
My brush
My keyboard
My paper
My blogs
My hands
My heart
My mind
My body

They all tasted
The goodness of god
Every ounce of my being
Has felt
God's healing lightness
In every cell, tissue, and organ

I let good in
So I know
I let God in

~ Treasa Cailleach

May you know that you let good in and that in doing so, you let God in. May you have an abundance of things you enjoy, which allow you to let God into your life in abundance. May you know and feel the goodness permeate your being. May the goodness remain as long as humanity possible, even when distracted from it.

Om Shanti

23 of 27: I Did.

I did
Plus so much more
There was only one set
Sandy Footprints
All mine

You were not there
No shoulder to cry on
No arms to hold me
No arms carrying me
Nothing felt
No caring love

My legs are
Burning tired
My arms so weak
Lifting anything is
An impossibility

My lungs
Gasping for air
My heart
Aches with saddness
My vision
Blurry fatigued

My mind
What I ever did
To deserve
Such wicked punishment

I'm a good girl
Doing my level best
Showing kindness as much
As humanly able

I have given
More compassion
Than I've ever
Eexperienced myself

I have no shame
Doing my best
In such wicked conditions
The shame is God's alone

Where was God
Clear path not shown
Safe path hidden
No shield or sword
To protect me

The beasts attacked
The plagues and vermin
Taking their toll

I never went to
The House of the Rising Sun
Drinks few and
Far in-between
I never smoked
Until damage was already done
Now I beg that Cannabis
Heal My wounds

My greatest fault
In vain
To keep the beasts
Off me
The plagues
Out of me

Now I lay
Scared and

My brain
So damaged
I can no longer
Reality from illusion
Sanity is all gone

God promised it was
All okay
God promised
He was on my side

Then why do I
Feel like a
Raped, beaten,
And scorned
God forsaken
Alone and wounded

~ Treasa Cailleach

16 of 27: IF “i Love Myself”

Watch “IF by Rudyard Kipling (A Life Changing Poem)” on YouTube

"i Love Myself"

Like vines cling to a tree
i hold to my own Self
Like birds take flight
My love soars
Sunshine, warmth streaming
Fills my mind with soothing feeling
An artists pen to paper
A snowflake's perfected uniqueness
i am created
No other is just as i am
i am my best me, when I am present
My creator; My Self
A feeling undescribable
Every cell shivers in excitement
Deep knowing
Inside me, I am good
I am God
Feeling which heals MY self
When i meet I
All truly is well
My love for MY Self
is inside myself
Two parts of one whole
One moment in time
Perfectly imperfect
Ever changing
Aiming for more
For myself
Of My Self
~ Treasa Cailleach

Love your inner being, your divinity, and every IF of Kipling’s poem is possible. You’re your own observer, and God force can create miracles if you allow it to move through you from a feeling place, as much as humanly possible.

May you find that feeling place in this new year and every day of your life.

Om Shanti

9 of 27: Shiva

Darkest destroyer
Doubts stirred
Chaotic storms
Depressing senses
Fire and brimstone
Ruin of all
God's wrath?
Or God's fallen angel?
Or extra-terristrial?
Trekking terra firma
Conjuring terror
Fears, Anger, aggression
Shiva you lie
Where's the good?
All destruction
Is followed by construction
The benevolent forces
Which make sense
Where senseless was
Make beautiful
Where ruins fell
Make new
From old
Where is that side?
Why do you enjoy
Torturing humanity?
When is enough
Enough for you?
Why do I sense you,
Hear you,
See you?
But never receive
Where's the good
Where's the love
I gave
Continue to give
Yet it never
Where's the dreams
I told you of as a child
I reminded you of
6 years ago
I work harder and harder
For the divine
Doing my best
Honor and respect
For the aspect I sense
What sense have I?
None it seems
Endless service
Endless karmic retribution
My sentence seems
Impossible to
A lifetime of
Merely a carrot dangling
A stick inches too long
Disbelief setting in
Is healing even
Are miracles
Even real
Maybe you simply
I'm sorry
If I fell
For fairytales
Hunan's lies
Or were they hopes
Passed on through tales
To ensure we
Never fell
for futility
Purely for
Ants Marching
For all eternity
Life must continue
Even if dreams
Are meaningless
~ Treasa Cailleach