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Presentation complete.

Stress is backing off.

I finished up right at about 9pm, I went a little longer than when practicing- about an hour and 20 min. But there was time for some questions at the end, which were excellent, as well as the moderator had some announcements at beginning and end.

My first Zoom was pretty intense. I didn’t count attendees, I noted 3 pages of logins, which my estimate is somewhere in the 60-70 member range. I found after counting page one and seeing all those faces, I didn’t need any more faces to think of.

However, once I started everything flowed well and other than a few tongue-tie moments, I think I did well. I’m confident I covered everything as intended and explained myself well.

I hope everyone gleaned helpful knowledge and that my information helps them in all the ways intended.


It was actually kind of odd, because after I started the slides, I couldn’t see anyone’s faces, so I almost felt like I was just doing another practice run. Regardless, I am a flushed mess at the moment, still coming down from nervous jitters, and that’s with a short workout between work and the presentation. I earned my keep, on this day for certain.

Now to calm myself enough to find sleep.

May you have good moments of feeling confident in your experience and abilities. May you have knowledge and information that others wish to utilize and share. May you find public speaking to be easy. May you appreciate your gifts and use them to help others in every way available. May you have good sighs of relief. May you know that God loves and supports you in every way and in all things.

Om Shanti

Mess to better.

Sunday, my new singular day off. Except that I spent this one making good on the bunk bed I’d promised Ian months ago.

I had ordered it last week, searching diligently for a full-sized frame to accommodate his inherited sleep number mattress, yet a frame in my meager budget. It arrived and sat on our living room floor for most of this week waiting for enough time to complete the process.

I spent several hours making Ian clean up his hidden messes just to get the room ready for assembly. There was much yelling on my part because I was mortified by the things he was able to hide from everyone in the old configuration of massage tables with mattress on top. Plus he continued to push buttons while the process was unfolding. I probably could have handled it better.

I was just so darn upset that here I was trying to do something nice, keep my promise, and he didn’t seem to care about his end of the deal. Kids, cats, and puppy dogs! Oh my.

There was not much Zen with any of them yesterday.

Yet, I did get it assembled with Nathan’s hellp in in about 2 hours, and then proceeded to organize kids toys and school stuff so that it wasn’t just Ian’s bedroom. It was now Ian’s and Katherine’s bedroom, playroom, and school room.

Except for my displays of temper, I’m happy with the results. Plus it made our living room much more comfortable once I finished relocating toys, blackboard, and furniture.

So ultimately a rough ride to a happy ending. … Now to figure out how to create smoother rides for future rounds.

May you all have low temper, smooth rides, to wonderful endings.