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Hooray 500!

So apparently I have written 500 posts throughout the last 4.5 years. Everything from my short snippets like my last post to 3000+ word rants and fantastical tales.

Usually though my posts seem to come in around 1500 words. That is just a manageable size that only takes me an hour or so to write (2 or 3 if distracted).

Anyway, less about statistics and more about the happy dance. Again, like running, writing was once a hated requirement. Now I seem to love it, it is so helpful for my brain to process things in my world. Sometimes to release them and end rumination. Sometimes to intentionally focus for better thoughts and momentum towards desires. Sometimes it’s merely to feel like my little human self is important to others outside of my daily routine.

Whatever the reason, I’m oh so grateful that I made friends with writing. I still consider myself a better creative writer than informational writer, but I’m very glad I am able to do both. Especially, since it will help me in writing my classes.

May you all make friends with things that ultimately help you be a better person. May you find your voice and know there are people out there that care. May you have good writing days and wonderful topics to offer discourse on. May you enjoy your life more than not, and finally, may you celebrate your accomplishments even when you might be the only one that cares.

Siva Hir Su

Short & sweet.

My phone is back.  I’m back to current technological abilities and communications. They forgot to send my SD card back because they also forgot to test it. Since the rest of my phone is working,  I called and patiently waded through customer service reps until I got one that submitted a ticket for them to find and mail it or replace it (they only conceded because I told them several times over how I followed their instructions precisely).

I then went and had a conversation with a micro center employee that explained the SD issues could have been precisely due to a faulty SD card. He said if they send the original card back I can exchange it for a different one. 

So regardless,  I’ll be back in business, 100% restored soon. Yea! Happy dance for me! 

A slight concession as to my attachment to a device.  It makes my life so much easier,  & that’s how they get us all!