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Presentation complete.

Stress is backing off.

I finished up right at about 9pm, I went a little longer than when practicing- about an hour and 20 min. But there was time for some questions at the end, which were excellent, as well as the moderator had some announcements at beginning and end.

My first Zoom was pretty intense. I didn’t count attendees, I noted 3 pages of logins, which my estimate is somewhere in the 60-70 member range. I found after counting page one and seeing all those faces, I didn’t need any more faces to think of.

However, once I started everything flowed well and other than a few tongue-tie moments, I think I did well. I’m confident I covered everything as intended and explained myself well.

I hope everyone gleaned helpful knowledge and that my information helps them in all the ways intended.


It was actually kind of odd, because after I started the slides, I couldn’t see anyone’s faces, so I almost felt like I was just doing another practice run. Regardless, I am a flushed mess at the moment, still coming down from nervous jitters, and that’s with a short workout between work and the presentation. I earned my keep, on this day for certain.

Now to calm myself enough to find sleep.

May you have good moments of feeling confident in your experience and abilities. May you have knowledge and information that others wish to utilize and share. May you find public speaking to be easy. May you appreciate your gifts and use them to help others in every way available. May you have good sighs of relief. May you know that God loves and supports you in every way and in all things.

Om Shanti

Work it off.

This is a short post because I need to go practice my presentation while I have the time.

Today was fairly normal and uneventful until I went to address email at work. A husband and wife couple had been turned away on Saturday because they refused to wear a mask in public areas. He later emailed, and though I can’t share his email due to identity protection, he basically stated he was offended that we wouldn’t treat them and wrote quite a bit about why he thought we should have. He also implied we would loose his business permanently.

The following was my reply (no names were used except mine, so I am confident it is safe to share).

Keep in mind, having had to wear a mask 6 to 7 days a week since the end of March last year, I’m totally over them myself. If governing bodies relaxed, I would quit wearing them in a heartbeat. They help, but they aren’t a perfect solution, so I have difficulty even convincing myself to wear them.

However, my job is to run my own portion of the business and in doing so, I also represent everyone else that works there. Ignoring mandates for whomever dislikes them is risky for all of us, and the massage board is known for assume guilt until the therapist proves otherwise. It would only take one complaint to put us all at risk.

Anyway, I did my best to soothe some very opinionated nerves, from a ‘consider both sides’ standpoint. It was a might bit stressful choosing my words because I was speaking for a collective, not just myself. If it had been just me at stake I might have been far less PC and just told him that’s fine just go eff off. I get much more formal when my words affect many.

Fortunately, once completed everyone in the office thanked me and said it was a job well done. Whew. I’m glad I could help.

Afterwards, my work wrapped up and I went across to the gym to work the stress of the email out of my body. I did an extra long workout with a full hour on the treadmill and some weight lifting after. It definitely helped the stress diassapate.

I started to take selfies to capture my progress, but the mirror is in no camera zone, and I ceased when I heard someone coming, so second half was from my standard bathroom mirror at home. Sadly, I don’t have access at the moment to any pictures that match, from before kids, at my largest. So, I’ll post a picture from after Ian was born, it was my lightest weight, but with far less muscle bulk (it’s the purple shirt picture). I’m now back to very similar body of that low weight, but far more muscle to show for it, so the scale still doesn’t agree. Regardless, I look far better than my maximum, and one day soon I’ll find good pics so you all can really see the difference.

All in all today was a good day, albeit a little stress inducing.

May you have good communication skills when you need them. May you find soothing diplomatic responses to even the most difficult quandaries. May you feel good about all of your progress. May you see your smaller healthier self. May you know that you are loved and supported by God in all that you do.

Om Shanti

Oh my, now what?!

This weekend brought a few hours to spare, and much unpacking and situating, even quite a bit of construction.

Saturday late-afternoon and evening I tackled our living room and I was able to get about half of it unpacked. I of course started with the prettiest and most meaningful parts to our experience. It meant that when I ran out of steam our living room was a beautiful spread of 2 altar spaces lit with glowing candles. One is the fireplace mantle and the other the top of the big bookcase. Before (in the rental) I had everything tightly organized onto just the bookcase, it worked, but I’m appreciative that I now have the extra mantle space. I feel it better serves the delineation between the different divine archetypes we work with. It felt very good to get the energy flowing in a very positive way again.

I also managed to get many (not all) of our pictures and family keepsakes hung. I sat with Nathan and Kids and had a long moment of tired but very satisfied appreciation. I was very grateful for this new home.

I was only slightly concerned that my inability to keep moving meant none of our books or important paperwork was dealt with. That will be dealt with in due time.

After my moment with family, I crashed for a good night’s sleep. I even ended up sleeping in a bit the next morning. I tried to get up at my usual time, and decided to do a meditation. My meditation ended with a cat curling up on my lap and then I dozed off again. I was reawakened by the same cat knocking the bouquet Nathan had gotten me, off the mantle. The adrenaline rush of jumping into action to clean up the puddle launched me into my second “day off” of action.

The rest of Sunday was a comical trip to Home Depot to purchase the carpet that Anya finally picked for the flooring of her room, and the following construction labors.

Home Depot is NOT my favorite hardware store, but it’s the closest one to our new home, which was vitally important for the purpose of the trip. It took me forever to find someone to cut the length of carpet I needed, but once complete and checked out they were nice enough to help load it into our car.

That was the comedic moment. See we drive a little red 4 door Mazda Prot├Ęge, And the carpet was a 12 foot long roll. I had to make the trip alone because the roll was slid in from the trunk all the way up to the front dashboard. Slid is an over simplification, more like shove, adjust, shove, adjust, repeat until it was in as far as possible. They sent the youngest teen boy to help and he was strong but not great at understanding what I needed of him. When all was said and done we got all but 4 feet of the roll in the car. I hung the appropriate red flag from the end and drove home with the trunk open to 28 degree weather.

Once home it was almost as comical to get the carpet out of the car and downstairs to Anya’s bedroom. The staircase is just inside the front door, but faces the bathroom and thus required bending the carpet roll to turn the corner into the bathroom.

Regardless, we succeeded and carpet was eventually installed.

Before putting the carpet down I did the drywall patch on the superfluous doorway and laid the carpet pad. I also installed two doors with appropriate framing. After the carpet was down and trimmed properly, I trimmed out her baseboards and doorway. The following pictures take you through that journey, from where the room started to when I finally ran out of steam.

Literally the only 4 things left for her room are: door kick-plate, door threshold strip, re-painting, and unpacking.

She was hesitant about the room initially, but as I figured it was because it was incomplete. Now she’s super excited since it looks and feels like a bedroom suite.

I do still have trim left to complete in her little half bath, and a few other odds and ends, but the most intense of the desired construction stuff is complete. It feels good to acknowledge that 2 weeks from close, the biggest chores have been tackled and completed. At this point we just have lots of boxes to sort and put away, some of which were in long-term storage so Nathan has already started a big box for donation items.

And today is Tuesday, the first chance I’ve had to write since then. It’s also the first chance I’ve had for serious self-care in about a week. SO, I’ve done cupping on my arms to get functionality back. I was seriously tight and sore from all the heavy work both in office and at home. My skin has soaked up 8 ounces of Mag-ahol, and post cupping I’m doing lots of arnica to take out the “attacked by octopus” look.

May you all have time to spare, speedy progress, and successful ventures in all respects. May you feel satisfied and appreciate your home. May you feel the gratitude of things going well, and see positive changes in your experience. May your tired be well earned and followed by ample rest and rejuvenation. May you have many blessings and much love.

Siva Hir Su