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My Buddy

The kitties got their yule present a few days early. It was a new cat tree. They had great fun breaking it in and got so frisky they almost toppled our holiday tree too!

I ended up catching my buddy cat in some adorable moments afterwards, once he’d run out of steam to play.

I love my super photogenic Buddy cat. I hope you find him as adorable as I do.

Creative relief.

Still no new home.

 Cats dwindled down to 3 again. One, sick from old age, was euthanized to prevent pain and suffering. Being she was having difficulty seeing, showing signs of kitty dementia, and when she tried sitting, couldn’t actually fully sit (kitty hip dysplasia) and be comfortable. We knew she was miserable. Our hearts went out to her as we helped her find a path back to god.  Salem our older male disappeared outdoors and after 2 months of searching and examining found similar stray cats we’ve given up. Social media gave us hopeful leads, but alas none were Salem.

The  2 others never took to being indoor kitties and were rehomed to a farm cat rescue where they’ll be happy as clams and well fed  in their preferred environment. 

That leaves Buddy and Missy (the brother & sister kittens) and Priss (my old fat calico). 

Buddy & Missy cuddling ( they’re the same age at about a year old, but Buddy has gotten much bigger and stockier). They are so adorable!:

The only recent cute shot of Priss I have, she was thoroughly enjoying lap snuggle with Anya.:


For the holidays, we have one tiny undecorated table top tree out, and so far Anya is the only one to have gifts, having gotten to use all the Walmart gift cards to buy new clothes.

So, Monday when I had my first actual day off in ages, I decided to be creative. $40 in supplies (including raw balsa wood boxes) and hours of work later, I made 2 beautiful portable altar boxes and a set of mini elemental candle holders. 

The idea was spawned from a borrowed set. The friend that helped me gain insight into my connection with the boy had loaned me hers knowing I’m never home for meditative space anymore. After almost 2 months of using hers it was time to get creative and make my own. Nathan got a box of his own as a gift.

It was much needed creative relief, and yielded beautiful results that I know at least that I’ll use.

The mess I made of our bedroom trying to work in tight quarters:

The green box left of buddy is the borrowed inspiration:

Nathan’s box with his favorite motif on the top:


outside top:

My box, Inside:

My box outside(s):

& the tiny candle holders:

I even got tiny statues of Ganesh and Shiva for both boxes. I want Kali ones too, but haven’t found those yet.

Being creative literally is not only enjoyable for me, but helps clear my head completely. I lose time, and don’t eat- not because I’m starving myself, but because my brain doesn’t even think about getting hungry. I don’t watch the clock, and I’m always surprised at how much time has passed. It in and of itself, it is often meaningful and meditative giving my brain a much needed tiny, tiny vacation. When all is done and my brain returns to “reality”, I get starvingly hungry very quick and then crash from fatigue. This instance was no different and was welcomed acknowledgement of my creative mini vacation from life.

I do have to confess that the insides are decoupaged papers, and the outside circular patterns were stencils that I then repainted over to cleanup edges. I could have done them manually, but it would have taken even more time to sketch out the designs and paint them completely from scratch. It’s something that I chose not to rush, knowing it was my only chance to complete the project anytime soon. Besides that I love the look of the metallic paints, and I’m super  grateful that I had beautiful custom altar boxes for the two of us by Yule. They’re perfectly appropriate.

The only little one left, that I need to find at least one gift for, is Ian. In theory that’s the easy one.

As much as I’d love to get gaggles of goodies, I simply can’t bear to cram anything else into our current situation. So gifts will wait for the New Year and a new home (& I foresee new organizational furniture first too). Besides I still want to get those beds I’ve had my eye on for ages. We’re all over sharing bed space with a tossing, turning toddler.

Beyond that, I got to play Santa for a friend that needed the emotional relief, if not the actual financial relief. I had great fun, and it felt really good to do something significantly good  for someone else. I’m very appreciative of that and hope that my future holds the ability to do a lot more of that.

Otherwise, I just keep trucking. Day after day, work and more work. I’ve worked 32 out of the last 35 days, and the only 2 days off in the near future are Christmas Day  and January 2nd. This schedule is already old, but until the divine manifests whatever it’s been trying to tell me about, it’s pretty much my only option.

 I’m grateful for the work and the income it provides, but I’ve had many conversations with thin air about how it’s not really my ideal, far from it in fact. 

I really hope that whatever is gestating in the ethers brings relief and moves me much closer to my ideal. I’m hoping the messages I’m getting about Valentine’s Day time frame (including my birthday) are clues of that something good, but I simply don’t know. Just that February is important somehow. Looking forward to better days.

Kitties: big & small.

This weekend it got really cold again. Nathan decided to bring Buddy & Missy inside, & despite our limited space,  I can’t say it bothered me.  they are just so cute & cuddly. I’ve now had 2 nights in a row where I’ve slept covered in kittens.  It’s wonderful.  

Mara (old lady Brown tabby)  is tolerating Buddy & Missy because she’s just so darn cold.

Tom (Orange tabby)  has become best friends with Salem.  They love to play, and I’ve now caught them cuddling like this several times. Salem isn’t fond of Buddy  & Missy just yet. 

Aldwin also is having trouble accepting Buddy & Missy,  but has no problem with Ian.  I  love that Ian now has a little furry friend that enjoys being such. 

Now “what big kitty?”,  you might ask.

This evening at 7:30pm we were commencing to get ready for our early bedtime pre-route. I heard a noise from the North side of the house that at first I thought was a screech owl in the distance.  As it got closer I realized it was far too loud & deep for a screech owl. I also realize I’ve heard this sound before off in the distance. 

I told Nathan it sounds like someone screaming,  we better go check it out,  as by this point it sounded like it was on the far side of our driveway. 

We charge out after the sound, with only my phone led as a flashlight.  Chase the sound across Jennifer’s driveway,  at which point I see eyes looking at us. It lingered for mere seconds before darting across the road, into the tall grasses, to the nearby pond area. 

At that point Nathan remembers that someone in Gallatin had told him cougars sound like a woman screaming.  GREAT! So we do what any self-respecting people would do: quickly & cautiously, yet noisely, retreat without running- no need to trigger this big kitty’s chase prey response. 

Upon being safely inside I Google cougar screams. Sure enough that’s exactly what it was. … see here

  1. We were within about 100 feet of a Mountain Lion! 
  2. I learn that lady kitties scream like that to attract a male during mating season. 
  3. Mountain Lions can leap 15 ft high or 40 ft long… So we were scary close.
  4. They can run up to about  30 mph.  We were definitely too close!

Lesson learned.  I tell Anya: chickens definitely need to be secured by dusk,  & no more playing outside after chickens are in. I then filled her in on safe ways to deter big cat attacks: make noise, make yourself look bigger,  never let the cat behind you, use light if possible (cats have very sensitive eyesight & light in their eyes can be uncomfortable enough to make them leave- as worked this time)  & retreat as quickly as possible without running (if you run they assume you are prey & will chase to kill).

I had no idea there were active cats around  us. I think it’s way cool, but I’m aware of the possible risks & I’m very glad we decided to bring Buddy & Missy in. 

The cat energy is strong with us right now! May blessings abound!