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Occasionally we love what is difficult for us.

I have been called out several times lately for improper word choice in speaking. A couple of them got me a “that’s what she said” at work for extra comedic value. I’ve also been corrected on typos and spelling errors.

So I’m going to reference 2 of my old posts with follow up.



I’m dyslexic. I love language because it conveys what I often feel like I struggle to do. I write to attempt to improve myself and help others in the process.

I have tried to learn several other languages unsuccessfully. Not sure why I thought I would be able, being that I still struggle with elements of my own language. However, some were encouraged or required by my educational system. Spanish was required by my highschool, and because that didn’t go well I tried French for college requirements. I had had a one semester sample of both French and Russian in middle school, so I thought French was the easier of those two. I’ve learned a handful of phrases and can count to 4 in German by virtue of living in an area that was a German colony when our country began. Then there was the language inspired through falling in love with someone- Telugu. Then I thought I’d try a language of that realm that had broader reach- Hindi.

Supposedly all of these languages can be learned in a couple of years. I however, have not managed that.

Spanish I devoted 2 years highschool education courses to not be proficient enough to even have a basic conversation. French was terminated after 1.5 years of courses because the dyslexia combined with a slight comprehension delay was causing me to fail my course and lose my otherwise near perfect GPA. After a costly process my college conceeded I could finish the requirement out in a non-language culture course. I spent over 2 years pecking at Telugu to get minimal results before giving up when the person disappeared for good.

It seems I will forever be in awe of those that can master multiple languages.

I have not completely given up, but those languages have taken a back burner. I devote time when I’m otherwise bored or only have 5 minutes to fill (Duolingo and Drops both utilize 5 min lessons). Maybe before I die I’ll be able to talk to someone in their language, for now it’s merely a hopeful aspiration.

May you welcome the new year with reachable resolutions. May your hopes and dreams be reachable. May you find great skill in all the languages you care too. May you love all the things, both easy and difficult. May you find people that are caring and helpful. May you find your own attempts at helpfulness be accepted as such. May you find that those in your energetic circle are the same as those in your physical experience, and those that walk away take their energy with them, so you cut cords and never look back. May you feel only loved and supported.

Many blessings, Siva Hir Su

Un exercice en Francais et en Telugu

For today’s blog:  I’m essentially utilizing my time watching our garage sale stuff,  attempting to keep my brain awake post route, by writing in the languages I’m learning.  This is to solidify for myself what I do and do  not know, whilst also demonstrating comprehension to others.  It’s an exercise I did back when I was  learning both French and Spanish in an academic setting, but this time I have no teacher to proof-read and grade my work.  If you are fluent in either language,  bear with me. In French I’m still having a terrible time remembering proper usage and placement of accents, and I’m supposedly only 33% through learning it. In Telugu I’m really still just getting started and still don’t have a full comprehension of language rules and congugations. Also,  I don’t have a Telugu keyboard,  so I’ll be using the roman transliterations as I’ve learned them. Honestly though, I’m still struggling to get all of the script consonant combinations down and  wouldn’t be able to type much if I did have the keyboard! 


En Français:

Je suis tres, tres fatigue, mais c’est une bonne jorneé aujourd’hui. Heir soir a été tres beau aussi. La lune a été grande et le nuit a été claire.

Je pense aux choses quand je suis dans la voiture. Ce nuit je pense que le garçon. Il est un beau homme. Je pense que je veux dire “Je t’aime mon amie”. Mais il est trop tôt. Je pense aux se travaillé. Je pense que il n’est pas m’appeler aux la téléphone. Je veux parler avec sa. Je veux dire “Voulez veux danser avec moi?”. Je veux a chez toi. Je veux beaucoup de choses. Je suis impatient. Je pense que il est trop lentement. Je t’aime beaucoup sa.

D’accord, donc je pense trop. Mais, quand je suis seule, je ne sais pas faire. J’aime chante, j’aime mon chat, j’aime les oiseaux, j’aime dormir. Mais, qu’elque choses dans le voiture est mal. Donc, je pense.

Tout le monde,  s’il vous plait, prends aux choses á vendre. Je ne veux pas prendre á le zone de poubelle. 

Continué a tres fatigue. Je veux beaucoup de dormir. Je veux mon chat et Nathan. Ils sont tres enjoyable. Mais, il y a dans chez moi, et je suis ici. Il est chaude, il est claire aussi. C’est d’accord.

Je voudrais un boissoin d’eau. Je boit beaucoup d’eau. 

Je ne sais pas de tout.


In Telugu:

Namaskaram, shuba dhinam. Dhanyavadhamulu. Nenu Telugu nerchunkuntunnanu. Na peru Treasa. Nenu bagunannu. Irouju thedi juin padakondu. Irouju Aadivaram. Na vadda ēdu pilli unnayi. Naku ā kukka’nte ishtam. Naku athanante ishtam. Atanu andhanga unnaru. Na kutumbam ikkada undi.
Ok, so I think that’s all my brain can handle for today.  With being tired; I know I’ve learned more words,  but I’m having trouble remembering them or basic sentences. Perhaps another day.