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Presentation complete.

Stress is backing off.

I finished up right at about 9pm, I went a little longer than when practicing- about an hour and 20 min. But there was time for some questions at the end, which were excellent, as well as the moderator had some announcements at beginning and end.

My first Zoom was pretty intense. I didn’t count attendees, I noted 3 pages of logins, which my estimate is somewhere in the 60-70 member range. I found after counting page one and seeing all those faces, I didn’t need any more faces to think of.

However, once I started everything flowed well and other than a few tongue-tie moments, I think I did well. I’m confident I covered everything as intended and explained myself well.

I hope everyone gleaned helpful knowledge and that my information helps them in all the ways intended.


It was actually kind of odd, because after I started the slides, I couldn’t see anyone’s faces, so I almost felt like I was just doing another practice run. Regardless, I am a flushed mess at the moment, still coming down from nervous jitters, and that’s with a short workout between work and the presentation. I earned my keep, on this day for certain.

Now to calm myself enough to find sleep.

May you have good moments of feeling confident in your experience and abilities. May you have knowledge and information that others wish to utilize and share. May you find public speaking to be easy. May you appreciate your gifts and use them to help others in every way available. May you have good sighs of relief. May you know that God loves and supports you in every way and in all things.

Om Shanti

Cows. Moo.

I didn’t get a picture, so stock art had to do for this post. After my hour of downtime I headed out to work. I made it a whole 5 blocks and had to stop and put cows away.

Ok, so they were yearlings and fairly small, I’ve met some dogs that were nearly as large, and comically I thought to myself that the chiropractor and two of my clients were larger than the two calves.

But the extra comical part was that another lady in a minivan headed the opposite direction stopped to help keep traffic stopped. She asked me if they were mine. I simply replied “No, but I have handled cows before”.

I proceeded to get the two calves inside their property and closed the gate as best as I was able. I hoped they stayed put long enough for their owner to return.

It’s one of very few grandfathered farms within city limits. Probably a dozen acres, and right next to the railroad tracks, but very much surrounded by city residential neighborhood. It was just amusing.

I texted Nathan about my post vote derail, and he replied: “They have cows? I guess they do since you just put them back… You just had an Altamont moment…🐄🐄🐄🐄”

I simply replied yep, but thought: Altamont, Ainsworth, Brayton, Cameron, Bethany, Ridgeway, and Eagleville. Though that last one was an old mare that would stand on the 2 lane highway just about every week, and I didn’t actually make contact, you just had to get close and she’d take off up the driveway.

My life sure has been interesting at times! Vote-Moo!

May you have an amusing electoral day. May you enjoy the odd moments of life. May you see your special moments.

Om Shanti

Kids, cats and puppy dogs

Katherine decided to turn me into mount mommius tonight. I was tired, ready for bed, and already slouching before she climbed me, and it only brought more slouch. Yet it was too cute to not share my child perching on my shoulder like a baby bird.

It was similar in sensation for me to the other day when she tried to mount me while foam rollering. We realized afterwards she was trying to copy me, pose and all.

Another cute moment was big sister Anya made a dandelion crown for them and we got pictures of both of them enjoying the pretty garnishment.

I’ve even had moments of cuddling (and sleeping) surrounded by littles- human and four legged.

Even Zen has had some good times the last couple of weeks. He has taken to trying to hug me, standing up on his hind legs and wrapping paws around my torso. He isn’t good at balancing though so no one has caught it on camera. In fact the only moment that has been caught on camera is some of his back yard antics with wood pieces. He keeps dragging logs and sticks out of our ‘to be burned’ pile and knawing on them. We think he needs more toys!

Buddy really enjoyed some fresh catnip from the garden.

And Katherine and I took a bit to sit and enjoy some not so dreary weather a couple days ago.

All in all, I’m rather enjoying more and more good moments with my family. There are still tantrums, and bickering and all the nonsense that toddlers get into, but I love my kids and cherish all these good moments. That is what life is worth living for.

On a separate note, I finally got some of my little drawings framed and properly hung in my office. It’s nice to see them more properly displayed.

Finally, I’m really really enjoying the time I have been able to devote to artwork. After my 3 massage sessions today, I was able to sit and do another shirt design and then I spent awhile contemplating adjustments to my own business logo. It is a really good change of pace and the creativity is so good for my heart and soul.

May you have blessed moments of cute and adorable to brighten your days. May you have many good things to look forward to. May you see and feel the love around you. May you have ample outlets for uplifting creativity. May find beauty all around you. Finally, may you enjoy life more than not.

Siva Hir Su