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America the new South Africa

This morning I went to renew my CDL and motorcycle permit because of my birthday.

I moved up the street, but otherwise I’m in the same county of the same state, same voting district. Same everything.

They’ve already verified my birth certificate when issuing my licenses on previous years.

They’ve already verified my name change through marriage when issuing licenses originally.

They’ve already verified my CDL medical exam when I did it last summer.

Yet I needed all of those things along with 2 different pieces of mail to verify my address.

I only showed up with one form of address verification and the CDL medical exam the first try, making the assumption that because it was a renewal then they’ve already got everything else.

Now I sit waiting a second time to attempt to renew my licenses.

This is the stack of documentation I need to prove I am who I am, even though my picture is on the licenses I’m renewing.

Current license and motorcycle permit, birth certificate, marriage license, 2 forms of address verification, mortgage document, and CDL medical exam envelope.

Thanks Trump, did you really fix anything or just make people think you did because illogical additions make people jump through more hoops and make daily life inconvenient.

Apartheid ended when I was a kid, at least I thought. Reality is it just moved here.

Update: I renewed, but have to come back with different mail to get the Real ID. Even though I had the mortgage title document and the mortgage insurance envelope which both qualify for the Real ID, they were just over 30 days old. So another trip, another wait in line, another fee, another waste of government employee time, because my documents were 40 days old.

Humans are not a game

There are hearts

Emotions and desires

Hopes and dreams

All lead to hurts when things go wrong

Is God just toying with humans

Like cards on a table

Stories can be told by simply putting them in a certain order

That’s how tarot works

A unicorn lost its shield

The Queen of Hearts is exiled

Her King never retrieves her

Nor any Queen or King for that matter

Cards are no fun when played alone

Solitaire is just a quiet process

It either works out or doesn’t

But always being the loser is no fun either

Playing the game with others is only fun if you win sometimes

God would know that, right?

The Creator would want everyone to win sometimes right?

Is that sense of God just faulty wiring in our brains?

Not what it seemed

She thought it was intuition

She thought she was feeling another person again

Maybe it was the first somehow interfering

Different faces

Different situations

Similar sensations- not identical

Now there’s hurt that can’t be undone

Confusion and sorrow

If it wasn’t another new situation

How did it happen?

Can the dead mess with the living

Or is it craziness

It’s unknown

Causing yet another withdrawal

There is no truth

Only people wanting love

An alignment gone wrong

Horribly wrong

Yet again someone half open

Not hers to have

Despite feeling otherwise

How does one become a monk when there’s a whole family to be responsible for

How does one shut off desire so it never happens again