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You’re here.

You're here
In me
Warm and comforting
A fire within
Cells buzzing with sensations
Lover's passion
In silent
Your ghost
In most beautiful ways
In overdrive
Knowing divine
No more
A world apart
When spirit
Space and time
Yours and mine
A union
Physically Absent
Perpetually present
Divine partnering
Accepting of all of me
My curves and edges
An extra sense
Beyond usual perception
Unusual openness
Oneness with others too
We're all connected
And acceptance enables
Amplified awareness
Loves' limitlessness
Beautifully complicated
Infinite possibilities
Family beyond imagine
My heart feels
Your masculine right
Your feminine left
And just below
So similar to me
Anxiously Finding way
Through a blend of both
The parts of a whole
My current 3D
Center stage
As I just know
All are welcome
All would get along
With half a chance
And a bit of positive focus
I will have what I feel
Feel great
As I feel
Spirit into words
Owls Confer
Validation calls
I know
My bodily sensations
Will become
Desires propulsion
It must be so
You're already here
In me now
I love you

May you sense your spiritual partners. May you be wholley accepting of divinely guided partners, even when they are fused with others beyond you (siblings, children, spouses, extended biological family, etc). May we all learn why God wants us to truly know and understand oneness and love for all. May you love freely and deeply regardless of labels or man-made constraints. May you know there is a reason for everything and a place for everyone. May you know you are here to experience this world for the divine, experience the divine for this world, and that your enjoyment of any moment bridges the gap between physical and spiritual. May you know that God loves you so much that you are supported in whatever you desire, especially loving relationships.

Siva Hir Su

Humans are not a game

There are hearts

Emotions and desires

Hopes and dreams

All lead to hurts when things go wrong

Is God just toying with humans

Like cards on a table

Stories can be told by simply putting them in a certain order

That’s how tarot works

A unicorn lost its shield

The Queen of Hearts is exiled

Her King never retrieves her

Nor any Queen or King for that matter

Cards are no fun when played alone

Solitaire is just a quiet process

It either works out or doesn’t

But always being the loser is no fun either

Playing the game with others is only fun if you win sometimes

God would know that, right?

The Creator would want everyone to win sometimes right?

Is that sense of God just faulty wiring in our brains?

Not what it seemed

She thought it was intuition

She thought she was feeling another person again

Maybe it was the first somehow interfering

Different faces

Different situations

Similar sensations- not identical

Now there’s hurt that can’t be undone

Confusion and sorrow

If it wasn’t another new situation

How did it happen?

Can the dead mess with the living

Or is it craziness

It’s unknown

Causing yet another withdrawal

There is no truth

Only people wanting love

An alignment gone wrong

Horribly wrong

Yet again someone half open

Not hers to have

Despite feeling otherwise

How does one become a monk when there’s a whole family to be responsible for

How does one shut off desire so it never happens again

Uncertain certainty.

She knew he was dead

She couldn’t explain it any other way

Someone had to know for certain

Why didn’t anyone tell her

Why wouldn’t he leave her alone

He started it

She wanted the love, that’s all

They’re convinced she’s crazy

She’s convinced he’s trying to get her to join him

She doesn’t know how to get away from what can’t be seen

She doesn’t know how to shut it off

Love keeps it going, even in treacherous waters

She can’t turn away from anyone she’s loved

Love is literally driving her mad

Where are the Angels? she weeps

The Angels hear, but can they respond

Her fate yet uncertain

She said…

She said she loved

She said he cared

She said he’d be there

That she’d be there too

She said there was a future to look forward to

She said keep believing

Dreams are worth reaching, fighting for

He said the same, similar meaning, different words

Time passes

Deaths toll always comes

Did it mean anything

Or is it just a game to god

They were both certain there is a God

They both felt the touch of God

Or did they