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Tired owner of a Jacuzzi


That’s me today.  Very fatigued, but content,  working on happy.

A little background.  I’ve been told dozens of time in my life: ” your thyroid is low side of normal,  no need to treat”. In reality it was being under treated.  Long story, short: I began self-treating with iodine,  lost  45 pounds,  got pregnant,  delivered a healthy baby boy & discovered I’d lost another 60 during the pregnancy. A year and a half later my boy is so smart he’s  doing things that some kids don’t  get to until they are 3. Finally docs are taking me seriously and treating my hypothyroid based on symptoms not the numbers of my bloodwork.

So, why tired?  I ran out of my last med,  & even though I saw the doctor over a week ago,  still don’t have my new meds. I have to order from an online pharmacy to be able to afford my meds without Rx coverage (I’m on the cheapest affordable care act insurance & it doesn’t cover anything until I’ve spent $13,000). The new doc is letting me  switch from Levothyroxin, which had red40 in it & was causing asthma attacks,  to desiccated thyroid. I’m excited because the desiccated thyroid actually has all of the thyroid hormones including calcitonin,  where Levo is just T4. It should be much better all around once I figure out the correct dose based on  symptom elimination – something I’m very grateful this doctor is allowing me to do.

So anyway,  until the desiccated shows up in the mail, all I’ve got is OTC stuff that helps, but is by no means a complete fix. Which means tired,  irritable, mood swing momma.

The upside, I did have enough energy for a short walk,  & now…. to pick up our tub.

We have a minivan.  The lady rolling out the tub with a pallet-jack gave me that  “you gotta be kidding me” look.  We’d already prepped the van,  & my husband & I just picked it up (it’s the fiberglass model) & started to shove it in.
Then it caught the top of the hatch. … alright,  tip it, now it caught the back seat.  Ousted Anya (daughter) & folded the seat down.  It slid right in,  & once inside- shifted enough to put her seat back up. She grumbled about getting stuck there until the tub was out & we said yep.  Then I reminded her that everyone,  including her grumbly butt, would get to use it. We even used blankets to pad it so it wouldn’t shift onto her or Ian (son).   


She still looks grumbly, but I’m happy. Ian however,  slept through the whole thing.

One step closer.

Oh, and I just got offered a gig that’s 4 hours a day providing 2 grand a month – that’ll pretty much double our income. It doesn’t start for at least a month,  but every bit will help.

Despite the size of this undertaking,  & the myriad of details to work out,  I’m feeling content at the moment. *sigh*