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Early Decorating for Joy

I decided to be an early bird. This year needs a little more cheer and light, and a week before I normally decorate is nothing. I might even leave them up until my birthday next February, we’ll see if I get sick of them before that. For now the extra pretties are very welcome.

This morning started with pancakes and dog loves. Even though Zen is a fairly large dog, he loves giving me hugs, and I don’t mind except when his paw catches a boob wrong. He loves me a lot, and I find him quite adorable.

Then once I got dressed decorating commenced. I got very sentimental and teary eyed when I realized this is the first holiday season I’ve been able to decorate my own home (not a rental house or apartment). It made up for the holiday seasons that we had nothing, and not even an good home.

Anya fluffed and lighted our cheap artificial tree. We’ve talked about having a fresh tree, but I am tapped out cash wise at the moment so that’s how we ended up with the one we did. As we were pulling decorations out of storage we discovered some damaged and broken, and some burnt out lights, but fortunately we had enough to do a good job decorating.

We all took turns putting ornaments on the tree, and I hung lights as many places as we could. We left two strings for outside and a tiny string for our wreath outside. Nathan will hang those sometime in the next few days. I got really emotional after doing the sliding door because it was so pretty.

Afterwards I spent some quality time with littles and kitties. It was a good day and my home feels like a home for holiday celebrating.

May you have fun decorating for holiday cheer. May you have plenty of quality time with your family. May beauty bring you joy and warm your heart. May you house feel like home. May you love your life and find reasons to celebrate. May you celebrate with joy and peace regardless of whether your home welcomes 2 or 20 or more. May you have everything you need and much that you want. May you know that God loves and supports you.

Om Shanti

Lunchtime walk

Fall pretties. A walk outside may not be considered fun, but is still very enjoyable. My favorite was finding the oak leaf with the heart shape in it.

May you enjoy some time outdoors this fall. May you find beauty around you. May you have ample exercise in pleasing environments. May you enjoy your days mostly.

Siva Hir Su


Why does the Divine show itself in my experience as Hindu Gods? It seems just a bit odd: Midwestern, not quite middle aged, white chick, experiences the Divine through Hindu aspects.

I met a man named Vishal, a derivation of Vishnu, and knew for sure, what my career decision is. Vishnu is the part of the triumvirate that protects. I’ll have to leave you with just that for now, as it’s not something I can act on immediately.

Anyway, then this morning I had a conversation with Nathan about where the pieces of potholes go. I told him a story of my early childhood where I would sift through the pebbles and sand that were the disintegrated pavement. I would look through and find the pretty pebbles that were bits of quartz, granite, Jasper, and more. When I had a handful of pretty pebbles I’d go show my mom with “look at the petty pebbles I found” and then I’d go put them in a little container in my room.

I then realized that to this day I still have little containers of piles of pretty pebbles, they’re just much more expensive ones these days. It made me laugh hard. Realizing that if I had lots of money and my big dome, I’d have a room full of piles of pretty pebbles!