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Not going anywhere.

Seeded pots
Easing my
Mind &
By self
For self
Tended &
Cared for
My oasis
Is mine &
This is
What I
Found in
Pomp or
Here is
I need

~Treasa Cailleach

May you know exactly what you need to do. May you know when to walk away. May you know how to let go. May you let it all just be and find yourself. May your memories be greater than anything anyone else could provide. May you know the only thing you can control is your self and your own needs. Above all may you know that the divine loves and supports you in all that you do.

Om Shanti

Pictures are of my freshly sprouting container garden and my oasis of bird feeders and fire. The dark nightime perspective, complete with moon shining through tree branches, and Progressive LGBTQ flag. It is my space this evening, and I’ve decided it will be my space every chance possible this summer. I have earned it, I created it. I deserve to enjoy it.

Last chance.

I woke up at essentially the same time I would for work. I hadn’t slept well anyway, my tummy was upset from the prior evening’s food and emotional trigger.

So, I decided to walk the beach before my final goodbyes, in an effort to let go one last time. I didn’t want to end my trip on a down note, and the ocean has no judgements, only soothing waves and bird sounds.

I crossed state line to Rhode Island to a significantly bigger beach, still only about 20 min from my brother’s house.

I walked a long time, stopping to take shoes off fairly early into my time out at the beach. It enabled toes in sand and feet in water, very grounding and soothing.

I collected one large purple clamshell and a handful of sea glass and water-polished stones. My goal is to turn them into jewelry at some point next week. My souvenir for myself.

Pics below. The horseshoe crab I tried to flip over when it didn’t on its own, but I think it was already dead. I did see a seagull near where I discovered it, so I’m guessing it was on its way to being food before I scared the seagull away.

May you have good soothing moments in nature. May you have mostly good trips. May you find a way to move past and let go of other’s judgements. May you feel good mostly and find ways to stabilize when you’ve had an emotional hit. May you know that the divine loves and supports you.

Om Shanti

Day 1 of 3: Sighhhhhhh

No responsibilities. No kids. No requirements. No things to think about or solve. No schedule or places to be. It is my choice.

I started at my brother’s house because my sister in law picked me up for a break for herself, and they were saving me a rental car by loaning me one of theirs.

So 9:30 was saying hi to everyone that has already made it. Then I wandered his property. It is so beautiful I took pictures. Here’s some highlights:

Then I needed to decompress and find the ocean. He’s 15 minuets From several options, but I picked Stonington’s borough.

I sat on one stretch of rocks by the docks, then walked further out to the small beach. Again a few highlights for your viewing pleasure:

After quite some time I decided I was thirsty and somewhat hungry. I went to the restaurant on the pier by the docks. It’s called breakwater.

I enjoyed a grilled lobster roll with sweet potato waffle fries and a rum punch with a Flourless Chocolate Torte for dessert. I went only slightly off of my diet choices to accommodate a wonderfully east coast amazing meal. Nothing an extra Benadryl can’t solve, especially since it was so yummy and a good meal by the water.

So far I am having an amazing day, and it’s only 3pm. I have 5400 steps in and much needed relaxation, and a super yummy meal. Did I mention I really needed this!

My phone battery is running low from all the pictures/videos, so I may not be able to post this fully until later tonight when I get back to my hotel. Needless to say, I’m really enjoying much needed relief and relaxation.

I am enjoying this short trip immensely, I really needed it and I’m milking it for every ounce of joy possible.

On a side tangent, as someone who never gets their nails done because I have to trim them twice weekly, I didn’t want to spend any significant money making mine look good for this short special occasion. My first attempt was peel and stick. They were pretty with gold accents, but were easily loosened by normal tasks and came off the first time I washed my hands. My second attempt is a do-it-yourself glue on set which I had to trim down. They’re not perfect like high dollar manicures, but pretty and they accomplished what I was going for. Both sets were $5 from “Five Below”.

May you have immense relief when you need it. May you enjoy yourself and still be kind to your body. May you have exactly what you need and desire in any given moment. Above all may the joy you experience, help you find the healing you seek in every moment. May you know that God loves and supports you in all that you do.

Om Shanti

Another good reminder.

Now that the US is experiencing significant levels of relief, I thought I would share a song of my youth (maybe two).

I will not vaccinate for Covid or anything else, but if availability is what chills everyone out, then fine. If your curious about my stance, I’ve written about my perspective many times, just search my posts. I will never stop someone from feeling a need to reach for something that makes them feel safe, I just know that my knowledge prevents that feeling of safety on that topic, that’s why we have freedom of choice. I find my safety in other ways and take full responsibility for my health or lack thereof, knowing a large portion of that puzzle is mental and thought based.

First: “Both Sides of the Story” Phil Collins


Second: “Another Day in Paradise” Phil Collins


I have always really truly appreciated songs with good messages, these songs just happen to be by the same man, but there have been many from my youth that were similar.

May you see the bigger picture. May everyone relax and may things get back to normal. May you know that you are more likely to live through each day than not. May you know your death is a choice between you and your creator. May you know that allowing flow is always better than not, no matter the topic. May you see positive ways to connect with humanity and do good in this world in a way that also impacts you positively. May you see both sides of any story. May you know that God loves and supports you in all that you do.

Om Shanti

Slow day art.

Today was a very slow day at the clinic, unusually slow. So I started my day off early with an hour of yoga, and then took up some art for another friend. She had shown me a tapestry she liked with dragonflies on it. Knowing she likes colorful things I did a similar, but more colorful image using watercolor paints. I spent 5 hours on it, framed and delivered, and left the office to go give a massage for the return half of my trade. It was a welcome day of enjoyable rest, especially since my weekend may be full of sorting my father’s belongings in prep for his final move.

May you have enjoyable creative time. May you have just enough rest when it is needed. May you have stress free days. May you find everything works out splendid. May you love what you are doing nearly always.

Siva Hir Su

I will leave you with the completed dragonfly image. 8×10 watercolor on Bristol paper.