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Cartoon Energetics

I wanted to write a bit about how I’m impressed by current animated experiences. It seems that screen time is more frequently being produced by people with a higher awareness of our expansive world, and I’m very appreciative of that.

That being said, my thoughts on this topic originally started because of watching “She-Ra” with my kids. It is imperative that I acknowledge most of the elements in the current “She-Ra” series were also present in the original “Masters of the Universe” series from the early 80’s, and merely got a face-lift to match current real world concerns.

So, what am I talking about?

I am talking about the element of cartoons that addresses the magical portion of our life experiences. I am talking about the elements within cartoon stories that address how to utilize the energetic world and God force.

For example, in the 2018 She-Ra, Adora channeled her magical She-Ra self, first by holding the sword up and saying the right phrase, then the crown appears with it’s shiney jewel, and then the sword lights up with power, which triggers full transformation. However this is just a slight update from the 1980’s “Masters of the Universe” series.

In the original series He-Man and She-Ra both raise their swords and say the correct phrase and convert fairly instantly. Yet, She-Ra still got the shiney crown and jewel, but He-Man turned barbarian. Both still became stronger and superhuman.

I personally am very glad that the new series updated that moment. Mainly because the original implied it was barberous for men to use magic, but grandeur for women to use magic. When, as in the new version, gender has nothing to do with it- I really appreciate that. I would also argue He-Man might have done better with the crown activated. You see that, to use real God force energy, we all must activate our crown and third-eye first.

God force can flow, and cause some fairly magical results. You will never see the real version look the way it does in those cartoons, and it won’t enable you to hoist a castle like He-Man did, but it will do things for you that you can never do just as your plain human self, and it can make you stronger than usual.

The Reiki that I practice daily with clients utilizes that God force energy I’m talking about, and I have seen it do amazing things for clients, especially in regards to their muscles. But it has to be used properly or it can cause problems.

I do have to activate my crown chakra and then my third eye chakra to get the energy flowing, just like She-Ra. It feels warm and fuzzy and wonderful. I utilize specific phrases, which are essentially prayers in Japanese (which is why english speakers often refer to them as symbols, if you aren’t used to seeing/reading Japanese they might as well be), but that too is just like She-Ra. Once the energy is flowing, I use more phrases to tell it what to be or do, just like when She-Ra changed her sword into shield, rope and many more useful things.

It really is so similar that I knew the cartoon makers were either well informed or had experienced energy work. Especially since these particular elements apply to any version of energy work, even Healing Touch which uses biblical prayers and phrases.

So where do the problems come in?

Just like when Adora was “trying to learn to be She-Ra”, things don’t always go as planned. She accidentally turned her sword to a vase in training, and sometimes it didn’t deploy when she needed it. Even though She-Ra was already a part of her, she didn’t have full control and couldn’t rely on it. Eventually that worked itself out and in the end she didn’t even need the physical device that primarily functioned as a sword. She eventually channeled every bit of all of it, out of thin air, to do absolutely wonderous things.

Energy work is the same way. I’ve had moments where it didn’t deploy when I needed it (usually because I was too fatigued or unfocused). Additionally, if it isn’t used properly, I’ve seen it do all kinds of things. I’ve seen people drain watch and clock batteries, make lights flicker, and accidentally cause plant overgrowth. All because they were not using energy work correctly. For you see, activating your crown and third eye, tells God that you want to do good for God and only use divine energy for the task at hand. That ensures that you don’t pull energy from your environment and drain batteries. It also can help with the sensations for clients. Those that are sensitive to EMF frequencies tend to have dizziness, nausea, and other weird responses to environmentally sourced energy. However, those same clients tend to notice God force in the best ways and often know instantly that you have a divine gift (though rarely say anything unless they’ve been to another practitioner already). As for the plant overgrowth, it tends to be from a lack of focus for the practitioner. If you aren’t focused on the client and let your mind wander too much, you essentially over-water your own environment, and anything in it can benefit some. It’s not a horrible thing, but if your goal was to help a paying client, then you didn’t do them full justice.

So, yes She-Ra really impressed me with their depictions of utilizing energy for good deeds. One day we may have a world full of She-Ra’s. For now the strength I glean enables me to work longer hours, use more pressure than the average massage therapist (without doing harm), and occasionally I take advantage of it’s benefits for hoisting my husband into the air, or taunting him or friends from across the room. It’s quite wonderful once you begin to master it.

But Wait, There’s More!

I watched the Netflix original “MUNE” with my kids. It was really good and cute BTW. It too delves into magic energies, but in a slightly more fantastical way. Really though, there were two elements that caught my attention. One was where the character Mune used his gift to put babies to sleep and create happy dreams. The other was the final fight scene between the two big burly guys (over simplification of their description).

The gift to use energy to put babies to sleep and make pleasant dreams is real. I’ve done it with the Reiki myself. Now, when your baby has been screaming for hours from starvation due to a major reduction in breast milk, even powerful energy work will fail. But, when the baby is just cranky because they need a nap, it works like a charm. Nathan and I have put all our kids to sleep, many times over, with energy work, and it ensures long nights of undisturbed happy dreaming. It also works on us adults, Nathan regularly helps me fall asleep when I’ve had a rough day or I’m battling other people’s Energetics. I am extremely grateful we have both learned how to use this amazing gift.

Finally, that over simplified fight scene. It was between two hulk’s, one larger and angrier. The one that held all the anger seemed at first to be winning, and almost brought the lesser hulk to the dark side. But, the magic won and the smaller of the two calmed himself back into the focused fight of light over darkness. In the end it was a combination of the smaller finding his light again, and Mune using a little of his sweet dreams magic that enabled a solid win for the divine side. They joined forces in a quite magical way to ensure that the world would be safe and happy forever more.

It was a good reminder to me. It reminded me that it’s not just strength needed to win, you also need to know you are fighting the good fight. It’s not just muscle that is needed in a battle, you also need the finesse of a magical touch or talent. We all need to allow our magical selves to shine brightly. Show the world our inner-beings and what we’re truly made of, so that we can really do good for this world. Only if we find our gifts, and utilize them to our fullest potential can we overcome the darkness that constantly threatens our dreams.

May you have good reminders in your experience for just what you are capable of. May you understand your magical, gifted, energetic self, and know exactly how to bring that forth. May you know how to utilize all of your gifts to their fullest potential. If you don’t already, then may you find just the right teacher to figure it out. May you master all of your skills and find that they help you create the world of your dreams. May we all join forces too combat the darkness in our world for God’s sake. May you know that we are headed towards brighter days. Above all, may you know that God loves and supports you in all that you do and every bit of who you are.

Om Shanti

Extrastential Crisis

Yes that is misspelled. It’s on purpose. Anya was about 4 when she first tried to say the word and couldn’t say it right, that’s how it sounded when she said it. It fits with how I’m feeling today.

So, I have been drawn deeply into She-Ra. In just a few days I’ve gone from “cool, look there’s a reboot from a show I watched as a kid” to “holy shit, why does this run so deep in me, and why the overlapping themes/messages!”.

As I’m watching I’m seeing overlapping messages with Battlestar Galactica and even just basic mysticism here on planet Earth. This show was either made by well informed geeks, or carries a grander message (from whom?) that has been told in many ways over many years in our times.

That whole you’ve been here and done this before. You aren’t the first and won’t be the last. The whole needing to reach for balance in the forces of nature and mitigate the damage of power, greed, corruption, and technology. Help humans save themselves, and win against the negative/evil forces at play. Layer that with concepts of other planets and alien races having come to our current reality to… (depends on the source if that’s to help or interfere).

In all of this Shiva starts in again, I could hear the messages and sense the energy, and I lost my shit. I literally tried to shower it off and started ranting at Shiva.

I’ve got no magic sword, no tools to use, no group of friends to help me win the fight. Why the hell can’t you just beam up the few of us that are trying to make things right and let the rest of this God forsaken plant destroy itself? Why is it so damn important to try and save planet Earth?

Several thousand years of human experience on this planet, a dozen or more ascended masters (Jesus, Buddha, Shiva/Avalokitesvara/Quan Yin, etc.) and humans are still hell bent on self-destruction.

We still fight with each other constantly, singling out races or certain factions of our society to target and eliminate, often through actual war machanisms. We think technology will be our saviour while it continues to instigate addictions and do damage in ways we only recently have even begun to acknowledge. Our medical system is more interested in making money off of fear than actually solving any disease.

AND instead of trying to learn how to function with the unseen world and understand the fullness of God force and it’s benefits and applications, we’re busy playing ostrich or trying to disprove it’s existence.

In She-Ra first ones had figured out how to master both technology and the unseen magic of divine force and combined them to create wondrous helpful technology that when in balance was literally a perpetually safe world. (The battle came in trying to keep it out of the wrong hands and in balance.)

In our actual real world the first ones too supposedly came and helped humanity. The oldest documented stories of people from the sky, coincided with improvements in human tools, clothing and homes. They even supposedly intermingled with us to give our DNA a boost which in turn helped evolution. I’m not making this shit up, I first learned about it through discovery channel and history channel as a teenager. Multiple societies across the globe have ancient references to sky people and their helpfulness.

Yet again, even with their help and all of the ascended in masters of every religion, we’re all still bent on fighting, negativity and self-destruction.

So, why me? Why do I have the spirit of Shiva (and no, I have no idea if it’s the original or a more recently departed human version) yammering in my ear trying to tell me that all of this is part of my mission?!?!?!?!!!! AAARGH!!!

I may be a bit overwhelmed and unsure of myself at the moment. I’ve exercised twice today trying to channel all of this energy more effectively, and I still feel like I’m going stir-crazy. No nix that, just crazy.

On top of that I am still trying to figure out how to allow my body to transform to the beautiful venus body I know I am supposed to have. She-Ra isn’t helping with that either. She has the cartoon version of what I am supposed to look like. I’ve got the strength and muscles, but they’re still burried under 60+ pounds of fat I’d like to stop carrying around. I’m kinda wishing I had a magic sword that morphed me into the warrioress that She-Ra is, it’d save some human steps.

It all boils down to a sense of things being revealed, but only enough to get even more confusing, not clearer.

Nathan reminded me I’m not alone, and that there is an army of us, but we’re all spread out. He added that technology has helped some because we are aware of each other more and more because of the likes of youtube, blogging, and social platforms. He also reminded me that if other planets are concerned about human well fare then there must be a reason and it’s a good thing to be drawn to be on the good side.


I don’t know, I don’t fully understand, I feel like my skills are not near good enough for that kind of battle, and still wonder why on Earth did they pick me as one of them. Why care about a race that has spent thousands of years killing each other and creating ever more creative ways to do so? If they want me to be on the good side, just beam us up, and let the rest implode.

Well shit, I just repeated myself again. Sigh. I’m gonna let it go for a bit, take some herbs, and revisit after my subconscious let’s something helpful in.

May you have less of an existential crisis. May you know your purpose here on planet Earth. May you see the good in human kind and an easy path to bringing everything back in balance. May you know we are all worth saving. May you see why you are the way you are. May you love every ounce of yourself and have the body you prefer. May you know Earth is worth saving, and why. May you know that God loves and supports you.

Om Shanti