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24 of 27: I Let Good In

I let good in
So I know
I let God in

I sang songs
I love and of love
I danced
Jumped and swayed
God was there
It was good
It was fun

I tasted yummy Eats
And even some
Extra yummy treats
Savored fresh fruit
Crunched crisp salad
God's food is good

I thanked
People in my life
I donated
Of myself and my fruits
I let God in

I encouraged others
In as many ways as possible
I hugged and snuggled
Shook hands and rubbed backs
Gave tips and tricks
God guided my
Hands, arms, heart and words
It was all good

I played
Recreation of
Body, mind, and spirit
With kids
Pets and
Creative moments
It was all good
God was there

I planted
Flowers and greens
For eyes
And bellies
It was goodness
In, out, and all around

I fed the birds
Even the squirrels
Watched them partake
In God's abundance

I let good in
So I know
I let God in

My pen
My brush
My keyboard
My paper
My blogs
My hands
My heart
My mind
My body

They all tasted
The goodness of god
Every ounce of my being
Has felt
God's healing lightness
In every cell, tissue, and organ

I let good in
So I know
I let God in

~ Treasa Cailleach

May you know that you let good in and that in doing so, you let God in. May you have an abundance of things you enjoy, which allow you to let God into your life in abundance. May you know and feel the goodness permeate your being. May the goodness remain as long as humanity possible, even when distracted from it.

Om Shanti

20 of 27: Over Stimulated

Overstimulated kitty
Cat's paradise
hands petting

Center of attention
Kisses and headbutts
Tail curls
Belly up
And purring
Loud enough to
Wake a baby
Maybe not enough to
Wake the dead
Roll left
Roll right
Make sure every inch
Of fur
Gets attention

Un oh
Kitty is leaving
Where are you going

Oh he's back
A snack he had
Like a cigarette
After a romp
In the sack

Silly kitty
Well fed
Cozy comfy
Off to sleep

To be in an
Overstimulated cat's

~ Treasa Cailleach

17 of 27: Sittin’ Pretty

A soft paw reached out
Pet me his eyes say
I luvvv you
Look at me
I'm sittin' pretty
So soft
So fluffy
Perched like
A little plump
One pet is simply not enough
Like Lays potato chips
A continual stream
Of double the pleasure
One happy critter
Being pleased by
It's human
The human
Pleased by
Critter affection
All it took
Was a little
Sittin' Pretty
~ Treasa Cailleach

14 of 27: Cool Yule

Not one log
A whole pile
Burst into flames
To celebrate
The longest night
Presents piled
Taunt kids
Darts fly
From toy guns
But no snow
Decorations glisten
Sparkle and twinkle
Kitties snuggle
Watching flames flicker
Mom and dad
Enjoy watching
Children's antics
From safe distances
Santa doesn't fly
For several days yet
Kids know gifts
Are families'
Treats of affection
So Santa
Will bring the
Magical presents
Of hearts desires
Just a few more days
To chill
~ Treasa Cailleach

4 of 27: Dancing Cuddles

My two toddlers decided to breakdance this evening. Their teenage sister put on the ‘polish dancing cow song’.

It is a pop-ish song in polish with male singers. I have no idea it’s actual title, the band name, or meaning, only that my two littles saw the video of the dancing cow and thought it was hilarious.

They will moo upon hearing the first few beats of music and within seconds begin to dance. It’s a combination of butt wiggles and moves on the floor that really do resemble breakdancing. I found it remarkably amusing, up until the 3rd repeat of the song and my kids ramping up from fatigue. At that point I played parent and put an end to music and spaz, sending them to begin their bedtime rituals.

I’m not sure my 2.5 yr old even made it to story time. Her big sister did diaper and clothes change and wrapped her into bed as she weakly protested.

I had already made cozy with kitties in front of the fire, and watched protests from a distance. My husband then took over for their storytime, meditation, and go to sleep music. Peace returned.

I spent the next hour sitting on the sofa with two of my four cats nestled either side of my lap. What had started as a roaring fire gradually died down and retreated to coals.

At that point I peeled myself away from kitties and began my bedtime rituals myself. My buddy cat decided that was a great time to move to the recliner and sprawl.

May you have cute and cuddly evenings with your kids &/or pets. May you have an enjoyable holiday season. May you find your home comforting and warm. May you know you are loved.