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Abundantly green.

I sit watching a pile of leaves and twigs burn, while listening to sirens of a police apprehension gone wrong. Instead of worrying about the news heard via my ears and neighbor’s words, I’m enjoying the green of my yard.

Everything is sprouting, and today’s new garden discovery is lots of baby hostas in the funny shaped island garden.

I also discovered lots of poison ivy- which I’ve managed to pull most of it up today, wearing gloves of course. Yea! Although one vine snapped my face and another got my ankles. I’ve washed and washed and washed to avoid too much rash and will treat as needed if any appears (thank you Dawn dish-soap).

Anyway, I’m happy to share pictures of my pre-thinning seedlings, and all the other plants. I will thin the babies out in a few days…. ’cause I’ll definitely have the time, and thinning seedlings doesn’t have the same ramifications as thinning humans 😣😆.

Bad joke aside, I hope you’re as excited about things turning green again as I am. I know my kids enjoyed a lot of outside time today. Even my old lady kitty Priss got excited enough to venture outside for a nibble of grass.

May you enjoy time outside and good weather. May you feel safe and secure in your home. May you know that you are protected by God and the good, honest members of law enforcement. May you enjoy spring having sprung and everything turning green. May your pets and children also enjoy all these things as well.

Siva Hir Su

Game of life.

I’m hitting a tough stretch in the game of life. 5 days into a 2 week stretch of no whole days off. My butt is dragging bad.

I’ve had to compensate with more thyroid meds. Then it occurred to me that at the new job I’ve been struggling to stay hydrated and get my CBD dose in. I’m at the mercy of the schedule and attempting to squeeze in basic training information into every spare moment. So, essentially where there would normally be a moment to spare here and there for drinks and potty trips, prego snacks/supplements; there isn’t. 

It has meant that my first 3 days there were extremely taxing on my system even though the physical requirements of the job aren’t really that difficult.

I’ve essentially gotten up, driven to work, worked, did my little massage gigs, driven home, and then crashed- 4 days running. I haven’t really seen my daughter but a few min each night. I saw my son 5 min out of the last 4 days, and that was only because he was actually still awake.

So, more chugging. I have invoicing to fit into my partial days off, so I hope I even get a chance to write another post soon. Til a break comes, enjoy your time- you never know if you’ll lose the chance.