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This is a quick update to show you the amazing breath taking beauty I’ve seen the last couple of days. Though I have hundreds of thoughts on my experiences, I wish to spend as little time on the net as possible, especially since tomorrow is my last full day of vacation.

Then 3 days of travel to arrive back in KC. As much as this feels like home, and as much as I’d like to make it so, alas for now I must sick to plans. Nathan and I discovered property values and costs of living are only slightly higher than landlocked flat KC and Johnson County. So perhaps long term I might find a way…. Only God knows.

For now pictures of more hikes, Bar Harbor & Sand Bridge and the Margaret Todd sail trip, with a singular video (inspired by some of the HAL induced notifications I received before the trip), for my person who’s out there somewhere.

Watch for Moose?!

Nathan’s driving, we’re about 3.5 hours from our final destination which supposedly has poor cell connection and no wifi. So I figured I’d give you a quick update with some of our sights.

The signs for Moose sprung up out of nowhere and though I’d love to see a real one up close, I’m hoping it’s not from our moving vehicle. It’s also a Stark contrast to the tiny Eastern deer we saw late last night. They seemed no bigger than dogs as we drove past them.

Anyway, we did make our 2 detours and I would have loved to have spent more time at both. Lily Dale totally gave me some fine tuning thoughts, ideas, and hope for my Atira; and America’s Stonehenge was just plain cool. I really enjoyed the hike at AS and especially watching my kids get back to nature. Plus, I literally felt the energy moving at certain points which lined up with the ancient structures. It makes me wonder if they felt the energy and that led to the construction, or if their structures merely funneled the flow of natural energies. I wasn’t sure I really cared about the answer, I was more in awe with the beauty and complexity and being able to feel the flows and vortexes of energy.

That was a very good centering experience.

So here are images from our journey so far.

May you all have fun, interesting, and insightful journeys.