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It takes Guts

I woke this morning at 5:30am my time, feeling a burning in my chest and arms. A very familiar sensation of the past five years. The image that immediately came to mind was not as I expected, an image of someone I’d only ever seen via Nathan’s searching for answers. It was the person that by logical deduction I had placed on the left of my heart, assuming I had correctly labeled the person that held the right side. Yet this morning the sensation was all over. Why was the sensation all over when I most definitely had two people causing halves to activate in tandem as previously? And why did I get a mental image of just the one person? I don’t have the answers.

I had already written both off and started to move on. If the universe wanted me to do anything different, then timing is pretty lousy from my perspective. I don’t have my higher-self view or understanding of this at the moment. Nothing. Thin air.

With that being said I had to stop and take a moment to evaluate this person in relation to my now. If either one or both of them wish to come back into my life there would have to be much truth telling and rebuilding of trust. I would be very hesitant to relax into anything.

That being said this damned connection is so strong, and so persistent, even 5 years later, that I have to acknowledge the divine does seem to see value in maintaining this connection for some reason. I am not one to discount anything the divine sets in motion.

So frustrations and distrust aside, I would probably be willing to attempt to start over. My guts in this scenario would be stepping back enough to allow them the space to come clean and make things right. Yet, I would then have to continually remind myself I’m giving them a second chance. At least until that feeling place could guide me like it did early on, when I first felt the lies versus truth in energy. That will take great restraint on my part to not have knee jerk reactions. Just listening with an open heart after being hurt would take a massive amount of patience for me.

As much as I want to, I’m not sure I’m up to it. Though sometimes it just would depend on the day.

As I write this I then sit wishing that Republicans would find that same space. (I’ll keep this aside short since I prefer not to talk politics). I sorely wish for those good, honorable, respectable, intelligent Republicans to stand up and proclaim the Injustice that Trump has brought to their party. I know they exist and for the life of me I can’t understand why they are letting others ruin their party.

I’m not a republican, but I have never before hated the party as I do now. It’s all because of one man’s lies, manipulations, and espionage, and the rest of the party towing the line blindly or crookedly (depending on their actions). Where are the Ronald Regan’s of the party. It seems we have a whole party playing Tricky Dick-ery, except this time they failed to have the sense to keep it on American soil.

Lastly, if I hear constitutional crisis one more time I’m likely to punch the person that says it. There was no constitutional crisis when Billy Bob was being held accountable of abuse of power and lies over getting a blowjob. There was not constitutional crisis when Richard Nixon abused power and manipulated that election. Neither is there here. Trump has sorely abused his power and put our country in jeopardy involving foreign governments. He needs impeached and removed from office along with everyone that helped.

Republicans find your balls, have some guts, do the right effing thing.

That’s all I’ll write on that for now.

May you all find your guts to do the right thing, have an open mind, and work through obstacles of any kind. May you let love overcome fears. May you see God’s influence and understand connections. May you have a happy, blessed and fulfilling life. May you trust those around you and your gouvernent. May you see things working out for the highest good. May you feel safe and loved.

Siva Hir Su

Fuck you Trump, all your cronies, and FedEx too.

I was having a really really good day until just now. Now I’ve found out that a member of my chosen family has endured 5 years of surgeries, injections, and doctors visits after having had a FedEx truck slam into her vehicle, to be told today by a mediation judge that the best she’ll ever see is $275,000 because of Mr Trumps Windfall law (I tried to look up the part that pertains to settlements, but only kept finding how it affects retirements, but did find several petitions to end it, here’s one).

Here’s a fucking clue, that’s not even enough to cover her medical debt and pay the lawyer, let alone make up for having depended on government assistance for 5 years. Not only will she continue to have medical debt hanging over her head, but she will continue to live in poverty because of today’s verdict. And bonus she’s physically disabled and in chronic pain, so how’s she supposed to get a job? Then factor in deadbeat dad and 2 teens that live with her, but yeah making FedEx pay for their fuck up is a windfall.

I hope you burn, not in hell, now. I hope that our government pulls it’s head out of its ass and roasts you. Put you in prison with the worst offenders and let them ass-rape you. It should be obvious I’m pissed because even if this is repealed tomorrow it doesn’t fix anything for my friend or anyone that’s gone through the same thing since it started.

I want this story to go to every media outlet there is, but here’s the thing: She’s been so traumatized by this process and tearing her to pieces repeatedly that she doesn’t have the strength to talk about any of it any more. That’s the most wrong of all of it. What beasts have we let run or country that it’s OK to shred good human beings to pieces over and over again and then leave them holding the bag for someone else’s fuck up.

That should be you, you fucking asshole, that bought your way into our government. You and all your cronies need raped to pieces and get left holding the bag while standing in the broken ruins of your companies. BECAUSE that is what you are doing to good citizens of this country.

As it is I’d settle for the miracle my friend needs. To know she and her boys could have a home and without worrying about how they’d get food or pay bills. That she might be able to afford her probably never ending pain treatments.

Maybe Anonymous might be able to put their heads together and help come up with something. Or maybe FedEx out of desire to keep their “good name” (laughable) would write the settlement check (outside of legal orders) that they should have 5 years ago. Maybe, but highly doubtful, MrTrump might feel remorse and send his own check. Maybe media will help me pool money for her. Maybe benefactors will collect funds. I don’t know, but there has to be a way that the universe can set this right. Some way, somehow, and my anger as stated in the title has to merely be the launch point to search for the solutions. So I’ll stab some pictures of trumps face for a little bit and then turn my attention to helpful solutions for her.