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Slow day art.

Today was a very slow day at the clinic, unusually slow. So I started my day off early with an hour of yoga, and then took up some art for another friend. She had shown me a tapestry she liked with dragonflies on it. Knowing she likes colorful things I did a similar, but more colorful image using watercolor paints. I spent 5 hours on it, framed and delivered, and left the office to go give a massage for the return half of my trade. It was a welcome day of enjoyable rest, especially since my weekend may be full of sorting my father’s belongings in prep for his final move.

May you have enjoyable creative time. May you have just enough rest when it is needed. May you have stress free days. May you find everything works out splendid. May you love what you are doing nearly always.

Siva Hir Su

I will leave you with the completed dragonfly image. 8×10 watercolor on Bristol paper.

Ta Da

I need more ideas for titles. When most of your blog is just writing about your world: your own experience, it sometimes seems to have very repetitive topics. Geesh.

Anyways, The Good:

First I did a lot of meditating, it was very helpful and put me in a really good mood. I felt my connection to the divine really strongly and knew everything was going better. Things were going to be okay. Then I worked on a new to me client.

Then, I did another small art piece today, again about 2″ x 3″, watercolor only this time:

Not so good:

After that, I went home and proceeded to get bogged down in taxes. The first draft of my return is not a return, it’s a really big bill, when already in a crap storm affecting my finances. Damn. Even if my accountant can adjust it a little, I’m still going to have a lot owed. That took all my good juju and threw it out the window. I know I connected with God earlier today, but that sucked ass so bad, that I’ve had a really tough evening. I keep trying to remind myself that it is going to be okay, but ultimately I had to distract myself quite a bit to find a moderate even keel. This too shall pass.

My distraction was updating both of my business websites, and my listing on the board website. I remembered one thing I forgot just now (Reiki info), so I’ll get that later, but you can see them here:

Atira Group and Atira Arts

May you have mostly good days with creativity and a good connection to the divine. May you maintain your connection even in adversity. May your tax return be good and may you make it through this mess with stable finances. May you know everything will be okay.

Siva Hir Su


I find I’m very tired today.  The divine is still talking,  but the messages are muddled. I think I got told that Nathan needs to check on his friend in Malaysia, and Anya’s dead relatives the BRTs left me with 486 as their message.  Dunno.

 I still feel the energy of that  particular archetype, but maybe I’m missing something- AGAIN. Or maybe it’s just that  I’m wishing for sunny days to return. Rain for extended periods does get to me. I’m feeling good today, just run down and low energy- even with decent sleep and a good workout 2 days running. 

I’ve cranked the music up to compensate and have done a lot of driver’s seat grooving. It helps a bit.  Today:  RobD, Delhi 2 Dublin, Kongos, Nathaniel Ratliff, and Imagine Dragons…. lots of up beat loud dance friendly grooving…. Side note:  why is it that I don’t feel self-conscious bopping in the car,  nor having body hair,  but other seemingly silly things cause great embarassment (like when my hair is a mess or like having mud on my pant leg because the car is coated in it)?

Anyway, this post was really just intended to put up a couple of small art images I forgot to put in yesterday’s blog. 

So here you go:

Top “Peace” is ink & watercolor on heavyweight watercolor paper.

Bottom “Love” is ink pen on same paper.

Fulfilling a small part of that love the infinite divine 24/7. I want more of that. 

I’ve also been thinking about all of the modern conveniences that I really love and miss. I’m going on a year without running water at home,  and it really makes me love my showers at the Y  (not that I didn’t before – I’ve always loved being in water in any format). Just mulling over all the things I love and miss and look forward to having ready access to again in the future. 

So, despite my fatigue, I’m doing my damndest to bring love and light in with me to work.  I’ve really cranked up the Reiki and I’m using the new symbol my guides gave me, even though I still don’t really know what it means. I hope it helps everyone I come in contact with today.

Additionally,  I’ve decided I’m going to set-up a flute performance for my one big building. Hopefully we can find a date far enough out that I can actually practice before performing this time. Considering I hadn’t touched my flute in almost 2 years,  Nathan’s art showing went ok,  but I did goof a couple of times. Again with that silly embarrassment:  they all said they couldn’t believe that I hadn’t touched my flute in that long and that I was great… now I just need my brain to believe it. Keep performing,  practice makes perfect. 

Lastly, I think I’m going to make a concerted effort to get our passports.  Nathan and Anya have expired one’s, but Ian and I have never even had one.  Oh my, that’s a kind of big hurdle to visiting other places one day. One I think needs to be a priority, though I’m not entirely certain why – those muddled messages maybe. 

There you have it. That’s my day so far, and my small goals.