The Dream: Atira


One of the many topics discussed in this blog is the idea of an eco-friendly sustainable business community with an end goal of accomplishing many charitable works.

To make it easier for others to find that information, I have compiled excerpts and links to original articles here. I welcome people to voluntarily collaborate on this project. If it is to ever become a reality Nathan and I (Treasa) will need many hands and many minds to accomplish the diversity of goals.

Excerpt from 320 Million reasons

  1. Build a small community: goal is 300 to 400 acres.
  2. Make the community sustainable with wind & solar power, geothermal heat, wells & septic systems.
  3. Make the community a combination of nearly indestructible monolithic domes, small affordable fiberglass  domes, & standard built, yet extremely  affordable, tiny homes.
  4. Create monolithic business park up front with: art/wood/metal working studio space for artists to share/rent, art gallery, holistic healing clinic (doctors & CAM practitioners cooperate with each other), whole organic food & personal care market, possible other businesses for fitness, clothes, & house wares… all a part of Atira Group.
  5. Create a small camp ground for visitors (especially other tiny houses).
  6. Create a performance stage for live theater, music, & other preformers.
  7. Equip stage with video theater screen & audio for film festivals.
  8. Have pond &/or pool for fitness & recreation. (Nathan & I worked up a generic layout for all of these things when Anya was 2- 9 years ago.)
  9. Hiking paths.
  10. Cooperative Dome Greenhouses to feed the community year round.
  11. Greenhouses would have centralized hydroponic pools for stock fish, which doubles to help maintain temperature & moisture levels, & provide fertilizer.
  12. Free range fowl- chickens,  turkeys, ducks, even possibly peacocks & ostriches (though the property as a whole would have to be fenced for an ostrich population).
  13. Stables with community horses.
  14. Temple of Atira: multi-faith non- denominational worship & meditation center.
  15. Once every physical thing was in place begin charity work as follows.
  16. Place homeless people in  small homes, provide small stipend & home (with address) for 20 to 30 hours of weekly work within the community. This would enable them to find additional work & purchase a used car.
  17. Have their work  for the community maximize their previously unused skills while providing them some level of fulfillment.
  18. Hire a recruiter to help those same people find 2nd, more rewarding or more desired, jobs outside the community.
  19. Use temple facilities to provide food bank services financial assistance programs, & counseling services (much like the United Methodist church does). Further that by adding social workers to assist with government programs (even as simple as getting a drivers license for the first time in years) & tax preparers to help file tax returns post homelessness.
  20. These programs could eventually assist very low income but not-necessarily homeless individuals. 
  21. If no-one had the proper skills to maintain infrastructure, there would need to be a supervisor hired to teach & manage others in doing so.
  22. Same for running/managing business park.
  23. Same for event coordination/ performance production.
  24. Mine & Nathan’s skills would all be utilized heavily in this process.
  25. Finally once everything had been running smoothly for a while & families were participating, I’d create a homeschool co-op much like we belong to now.

Knock On Wood”: ….This will be installment 1, of who knows how many (I have more ideas of what to write than time to write about them right now). In this Installment I describe Atira (pronounced Uh-tier-uh) Community: my and Nathan’s baby, our dream, of a perpetual giving machine. May the Divine read this, and hear me, and grant me the ability to do this soon……. (MORE in original post, please click excerpt link to keep reading.)

Excerpt from “Monster Striving To Be An Angel” …. That Angels sometimes showed up as “Normal People” (really the angels were wearing that guise) doing wondrous things for those that needed it. It always made me wonder if that was really  what benefactors were- normal people filling Angels’ roles.  It has always tugged at my heart, and I have always wanted to do that. I simply want to help people and creatures improve their lives. So it’s really no wonder that when Nathan and I were dreaming up our  ideal community and what we wanted to do, that was the focus…..The biggest concern I’ve always had is that it’s a long process to go from no address, no identification, and/or no documentation, to having those things. Even under the best circumstances and with the best help, it’s still something that can take anywhere from a couple months to a year to complete- mainly because of all the bureaucratic red tape that is designed to prevent the process from happening. Our society definitely likes people staying homeless and poor. I don’t know why, for all the degrading we do to that faction of society, but the system is definitely set-up to keep the poor or homeless in their place…..Imagine if you had no money and no address: How would you request a copy of your birth certificate? How would you seek a copy of your social security card? How would you seek to get a sate ID or drivers license? All of those items take some money to obtain; even though not much, if you have as little as a homeless person, it’s probably unlikely you would choose to spend it on those items. Plus, at least in the state of Missouri all of those items would ultimately be mailed to you. If you live in a homeless shelter or some other provided shelter, that may not be so much an issue, but if you are truly homeless, you have no address. Yet all of those items are necessary to obtain a job and file paperwork to hold said job. ….We would also have to assist them in the process of obtaining the items listed above, which at least for Birth Certificate and Social Security card, you have to know several identifiers like parents birth-dates and birth-places. I don’t know about you; but I don’t know those off the top of my head right now, let alone thinking about the possibility of having lost the information years ago and having been in survival mode since loosing them. I simply can’t imagine trying to remember the necessary and vital information. So we would have to have someone that could essentially research that information based upon details we do know. I’m certain that that individual would be well served by having access to government resources, and that would take connections…..Once I had fed, housed, cleaned up, and dressed these individuals, I could complete their documentation process, while they do some hard labor to keep things progressing and running. At that point if they felt they had the skills, I would vouch for their time with me and get them employed. That would then necessitate assisting with transportation to said job until they had made enough to purchase a safe vehicle.  All the while I would need to enforce that they continue working for me on the side to compensate for all the assistance. AGAIN this is the back-up plan. Starting small. I wouldn’t be able to afford wages on top of housing, food, clothes, utilities, documentation, and transportation. I’ll be lucky to even pull this off for a handful of individuals after a decade of working hard to just lay the ground work…..I sincerely hope that I can. My heart wants to provide real lasting positive change for others. It seems a valid goal, and it seems like it’s possible.

Excerpt from “Installment 3″….One of the many aspects that I’ve dreamt up with Atira Community is the ability to give friends jobs that they would actually enjoy doing. If I ever did get to jump full force into building Atira,  it would require lots of hands on help.  There are many roles that I would have to rely on trained professionals for. I like gardening small scale,  but would definitely need assistance in planning and maintaining community sized greenhouses and crops. Additionally,  any business of that scale would need both legal and accounting staff. I would also need an engineer to help with planning and implementing the green infrastructure. If that engineer had diverse training,  they might also be able to provide basic IT needs,  but otherwise I’d need a separate person to handle telecommunications. I’d even need a general contractor to help lead construction. I also want to utilize the new found hemp and cannibis industry to ensure maximum profits,  between fibres (papers, clothes), foods (hemp milk, hemp hearts),  edibles, vapes/smokables, and CBD oils, it would literally be the cash crop (of course at this point in time that means relocating to a Cannibis friendly State)…..

Excerpt from “Mad Skillz”: For Installment 4 I’ve been thinking about all of the skills that I and Nathan have that have been collecting dust in the attic of our minds because life has taken priority for many years. Atira is intended to solve that for us and many others; at least as one of the many facets that the full idea of Atira encompasses. There will be yet more installments to discuss other facets….. (MORE in original post, please click excerpt link to keep reading.)

Excerpt from “Journeys Make The Dream”: ….Recently I just finished watching “The Kindness Diaries” on Netflix (I believe that it is a NetFlix original). It was the most amazing story of a spiritual journey that I have seen yet. I am utterly grateful for Leon’s journey for it brought hope back to my heart and provided a great expansion in my being. Essentially, he travels the world solely by the kindness of others, which leaves him in some very interesting situations. In the end not only was the kindness that he was shown amazing, but the kindness he returned was amazing too…. It has made me think yet again about ways that I might do more for others. My heart so yearns for a large scale helping of others. I have acknowledged lately that I am not here to make money; I am here to help make the world a better place for as many people as I can…. I realize that without the hard journey Nathan and I have experienced, we would not have gotten to where we are. We would not have been so concerned for the safety and security of others. We would not want to help others out of situations that we narrowly missed. We would not have wanted to fix things that other people are blind to. We would not have the desire to be such intense humanitarians.

Excerpt from “Atira; Diversity” : So apparently, I am on Installment 5 of the Atira writings. For this one I desire to write about all of the diversity in Atira that I wish to create. I wish for Atira to have diversity in a lot of respects: people, living plants and animals, energy sources, and housing. However, none of those will be possible if Atira can not sustain itself financially…. (MORE in original post, please click excerpt link to keep reading.)

Excerpt from “Morals or societal pressures?” : …. I think if only I could build Atira and give him and many others a fighting chance, a reason to live,  I could make a huge impact on the world and our society. I prayed that God  might grant me the ability to do that, or at least someone soon. It doesn’t really have to be me, as long as someone starts putting our own citizens,  our own veterans, our own lost-&-forgotten, first. I prayed that a way be made, to accomplish that, and offered my hand in the process, in whatever way the divine sees fit…..(MORE in original post, please click excerpt link to keep reading.)

Excerpt from “Anomaly and contemplation of locations” : …Since today is going as well as the last several have,  I thought I’d write a little about my thoughts on the location of Atira. It’s been on my mind a lot lately,  one of many aspects of Atira I’ve been considering  as I gain positive thought momentum. Essentially, I’ve been taking elements of our original dream and picking at them to see if they still resonate and seem valid.  This means that I’m really just solidifying what it is that I want.  So for this moment I’m detailing the location and land desires….(MORE in original post, please click excerpt link to keep reading.)

Excerpt from “Victory and insights.” : ….It helped me gain some more clarity on my goals of Atira. The pastor used the phrasing that perhaps a company gets too large to fully understand all of the individual workings and really know it’s people. That the connections that express a person’s value are lost. That sentiment reinforced prior ideas I’d had that Atira should be a singular community. It could spawn franchisee opportunities or literally just help people learn how to start their own communities, but I really don’t want a company of mine to grow so large that the company itself begins to lose sight of it’s intent….. (MORE in original post, please click excerpt link to keep reading.)

Excerpt from “Watering My Seeds Of Atira”: …. I love having access to other healing modalities (clinic) and many options for resources such as healing herbs and foods. Currently I’m grateful for Sprouts, Natural Grocers, and Whole Foods, but I look forward to Atira’s Market to fine tune the product availability…..

Excerpt from “ET is helping me water my seeds… part 2”: My fantasy this morning was the idea of my adulting room and bathroom in the main home of Atira. Not just for the obvious reasons. This morning I thought about how nice it would be to have a bathroom where everyone actually kept their stuff orderly and clean, where teenagers didn’t get my Q-tips soggy with their face scrubby, and where each other’s toiletries and accessories were respected. Then I thought of how nice it would be to get to chill out time on one of those giant love sack cushions, just the simplicity of an hour of silence away from children in comfort. An hour of alone time relaxation: adult serenity. That would be so wonderful. I very much look forward to one day having my dome with the 3rd floor child-free room and bathroom. That will be nice, to access those things regularly…..(MORE in original post, please click excerpt link to keep reading.)

Excerpt from “Isha’s iE with Sadhguru”: ….I appreciate that though Isha the organization stems from originally being a Hindu religious temple, they have moved from the rigid religious form to a more accommodating open technique you can learn and utilize. Though I still want to go to Isha India at some point to see the giant Shiva and Bull statues, I’m also appreciating that they have a giant dome in the mountains near Chattanooga, Tennessee for practical yoga and meditation classes and practice.It seems they beat me to my dream, it even looks an awful lot like what I want. Their dome offers many things my Atira temple was intended to provide. This new awareness makes me almost want to throw in the towel and just relinquish myself to helping all the organizations I’ve found that accommodate bits of my dream of Atira. No need to reinvent the wheel or compete with others. I still wish all the elements of my dream of Atira were in one place, and easily accessible to me…..(MORE in original post, please click excerpt link to keep reading.)

Excerpt from “In Other Work”: …. also accomplished finishing my dream-home dome-plans, and that is really why I’m writing. I wanted to share that progress. Even though I feel like it is a pipe dream at this point, I am ultra happy that I have completed something more than adequate enough to supply Monolithic Architects so they can produce structurally sound blueprints. At this point I would need a really good chunk of free-floating money to actually attempt even this much of my Atira Community dreams, but one can hold on to a shred of hope when there is something to gaze upon frequently…..(MORE in original post, please click excerpt link to keep reading- it also includes details on the images of the Atira dome home.)

I will keep this page updated when any future posts include information or images on Atira. Please check back in from time to time to get the updates. I hope you find my dream as wonderful as I do, and I greatly appreciate that you took the time and energy to read about my dream.Again if this sounds like it might be something you would like to participate in, I welcome your inquiries. The more brilliant minds work on something, some common goal, the more we are likely to accomplish it. Let us all be the change together and make this world a better place through common beneficial goals.